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Monday, November 22, 2010

To the Office - Style 20

Top: Khadi Bhavan
Leggings: From a Street Shop in Bangalore
Shoe: Shoe Boutique, Chennai
Belt: From a Street Shop in Bangalore
Earring: From a Street Shop in Chennai

Isn't that a lovely soft leather couch? It was so comfy!!! That's what I wore when I went from my office directly to Naturalz Salon. This shot was taken by my friend while we were waiting there.
Being here in southern India, body gets used to high temperatures so well. In summer it easily reaches even 35C. There is nothing like cotton that helps to survive this temperature and yet look stylish. And Khadi is undoubtedly the Best!!! I got this one in Chennai's Khadi Bhavan and this has been one of my favourites. The simplicity, the texture, the color, the cut et all - I love it all.

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  1. as usual unusual visual. screaming out for attention- Stunning pose. (inspired from?)

    ithuku mela sona flattering nu soluva, aagayal pothum. ;-)

  2. I can not even imagine 35C.;) We are suppose to get snow and subzero temperatures tomorrow.;)
    You look lovely as always,

  3. Love the blue hues ... And yes, that is indeed a soft leather couch ;)

  4. I can relate about the weather... it's also like that in the Philippines so cotton is my best friend too. You look lovely in that turquoise outfit. xoxo

  5. You are a queen of India. You look so authentic and beautiful. Good for you!

  6. Sure you are a head turns in the office, you look so stunning in that outfit...or in any clothes, I bet.

  7. The couch looks really soft and nice. And how i wish we cud have some winter here.

  8. :) ow the warm weather... sigh* we are bundled here, but you look very fresh and warm and fun!

  9. Hay :) Thanks for the comment! You have a great blog :) and mm that leather couch looks like a cloud! LOL

    francesca (opinionslave.blogspot.com) xx

  10. Hello, pretty!
    thank you for your visit and for your sweet comment.
    Wow, I red you come from India. I love indian girls: you're so beautifull, coloured and charming.
    You have a new follower! :)
    I hope to see you again in my blog.

  11. @Navin,
    Thank you thank you... :). Inspired by the comfort of the couch!!! :D

    Ha ha... Our winters never go below 18C!!! That's summer for you!!! :D
    Thanks for you compliments love.. :)

    Thanks a lot sweetheart.. :)

    Oh!!! So you too getting fried by climate???!!!!! Lolz :)
    Thanks for your compliments love.. :)

  12. @Indrani,
    Thanks dear.. :)

    You are so flattering!!! I am overwhelmed.. Thanks love.. :)

    @Baby Pose,
    That's a lovely and kind compliment. Thank you so much dear.. :)

    Thanks dear.. :)

  13. @Ria,
    Just now the monsoon has started o'er here and I am enjoying the climate like anything!!! :)

    Ha ha.. Just now the climate is becoming cooler and cooler with the onset of monsoon here and I am glad!!! :)
    Thanks for your kind compliments love.. :)

    Thanks a lot for dropping by and commenting. :)
    Do drop in often.. :)

    @Cafe Boucle,
    My heart is warmed my dear.. Thanks a lot for dropping by, commenting and following too.. :)
    Thanks a lot for your kind compliments.. :)
    Will drop into your blog often.. Do drop into mine often.. :)

  14. Love the belt =) and yes that is a wonderful couch!

  15. Thank you for you comment and compliments)

    I know what you mean, I used to live in Israel where themperatures reach 40 degrees, and now I'm in Holland at 0 ))

    I like the color of your top very much! You always dress so authentic.


  16. @Alien,
    Thanks dear.. :)
    Thanks for dropping by & commenting..
    Do drop in often.. :)

    Thank you so much love.
    Do drop in often.. :)


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