Casual Date Style - Leopard Velvet Skirt

Top: Gifted by a friend from Bangalore
Skirt: Bhushavali
Footwear: From a Street Shop in New Delhi
Watch: D'signer

After a leopard outfit, now its time for a Cheetah print.Trust me, I bought this fabric of the skirt some 10 yrs ago!!! I made a different skirt of it then!!! But then, I was not really happy with it, so I tore it off and made this skirt recently. I am pretty happy with this now!!!

Well, I have a good news now!!! I've got my first ever award for Fashion Panache and am very happy. I thank Roisin Muldoon for this Stylish Blogger award. She is a fashion blogger who takes pics of her daily outfits and keeps us updated. She is one fabulously stylish woman!!! And totally off the track, one more bit of info - she loves Indian food too, esp. DOSA!!! Thank you so much Roisin!!!

Here comes the details about the award. I've gotta share 7 facts about me and pass this on to 7 bloggers and link back to the person who awarded this to you.

Here are the facts about me.
1: I just fell in love with MTV Roadies Anthem Yahaan and I can't stop listening to it and humming it. My friend just got pissed off with me keeping on humming it!!! Catch it here.
2: I hate people who discourage. Constructive criticism is ok, rather much needed, but baseless and useless discouragement - No!!!
3: Somehow I cannot bring myself to watch TV Soaps and am rather happy about it.
4: I hate cricket!!!
5: I love animal prints!!!
6: I luuurve to sleep. :P
7: My mom is person behind most of my shots in this blog!! :)

I pass this award on to some more stylish women I know in the blogosphere. Here they are:



  1. Hey thanks alot. We feel super honoured. :)

  2. Nice combo...that cheetah print looks stunning..!!
    I have always wanted to ask who is behind all ur shots..Now i know.

  3. Heyy thenkx fr the Award!!!:)
    bdw liked d cheetah print skirt...

  4. Awww, thanks for passing the award onto me! :) Lovely outfit. I never knew the difference between leopard/cheetah prints but now I have figured it out thanks to you! My mum takes a lot of my shots as well ;)


  5. I LOVE the outfit, it's gorgeous! Thank you for the lovely compliments - it made me laugh to read your description of me because I went out to an Indian restaurant for dinner last night and I had masala dosa. It was amazing!

  6. i love the animal print skirt on you and you have lovely accessories to go with it too. congrats on the award!

    cute and little

  7. Even I loooove to sleep. Looking nice in this outfit.

  8. Thank You so much for the award! :) I dislike people who discourage too!!!

  9. Love the skirt and well done for the award!

  10. You always have great skirt!! and I'm a skirt gal!! loving this cheetah print ones, arent the old stuff are the most valuable ever ?
    I love finding old stuff in my closet

  11. congrats on the award! and sorry but world cup is coming up. maybe you will love the game:) nice cheetah print btw!

  12. What a stylish skirt...and you made it! I really must learn to sew one day...

  13. Like the cheetah print skirt.

    U have an interesting blog. Do check out mine.Follow if u like :)

  14. Congratulations dear!! The cheetah print skirt is looking awesome! :)

  15. thank you for the award :) you made the skirt ,pretty cool:)

  16. Hello,

    Gorgeous dress,very fascinating and looks very attractive.

    Congratulations for the lovely award.

  17. Wow! That is a single of the top blogs I’ve ever arrive across on this subject. Basically Amazing . Delhi Wedding Planner

  18. Love getting to know you more and all your blogs say a lot about your close relationship with your Mom.

    Since this was a dating outfit, I thought the good news was somethingelse! I think you did it on purpose;))

  19. Yayyy! Congrats on the award!

  20. Ooooh, I cant believe you made that skirt it's so beautiful!! This animal print is way better and I'm really just of your nice weather! Lovely Outfit!!

    ps. I from NJ and in the summer it's cricket state! :(

  21. Oh what a lovely leopard skirt!


  22. Super lovely print skirt! Amazing :D!

  23. im really liking the cheetah print skirt!!!...
    first time on ur blog via hippiholly's!!

  24. @All,
    Thank you all for your kind comments and appreciation.. :)

    @Sonu & Jasleen, Aarti, Leia, Tanvi, Smriti,
    Its my pleasure to pass on the award to you guys. Your blogs are so fab!!! :)

    Caught you!!! Lolz!!!!! Ain't I right sweety!!! My mom just made me some dosa for lunch!!! :)

    So now you know the secret!!! :)

    It was a casual date indeed. Nothing special at all!!! :)

    @Shooting Star,
    Thanks for dropping by and commenting. Do drop by often. Would love your visits & comments.. :)

  25. A great look you have got there...needs a lot of attitude to full the leopard print bangle would def look great with this :)

  26. I see that you have opened ur store at last...great going...good luck

  27. Very cute! Wish I could see more photos!


  28. @Divi, Tamanna, Ellen,
    Thank you so much for your appreciation.. :)

    Thanks for the wishes Divi... :) Not opened the store exactly. Just started to sell online... :)

  29. nice job on the skirt. i recently bought some leopard material, but haven't gotten around to making my skirt.

  30. @Oomph,
    Waiting to see your leopard outfit!!! :)

  31. Love the pictures! Great prints and I always love your posts! :)
    Congrats on the award and thank you soooo much for passing it on to me! :)

  32. you know, as a kid i used to have cropped hair..then as i grew up the liking for long hair came..your pics reminded me of my school've got such a petite elf like face..very pretty

  33. Thank you for your sweet comment :)
    Absolutely LOVE the skirt!
    How animal prints never go out of fashion.

  34. @ A lot like Fashion,
    Thank you so much sweety.. :)
    Its my pleasure to pass on the award to you. You blog is so fab!!! :)

    @ Sulagna,
    Elf??? Ha ha.. :) Thanks dear.. :)

    @ Streak Hue Fall,
    Thanks dear..
    Its so true, animal prints are always in!!! :)


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