Accessories 'n' Award from Sayuri

Sayuri!!! Well, her name is Divya and I call her Divi and she doesn't mind if she's called Sayuri. Yes, coz that's her Jewellery Brand's name!!!
I know her from college and she was my senior there. She is one extremely helpful personality!!! While others concentrated on ragging, she would help out with notes and tips to survive in that college!!! A fashion designer by qualification, a jewellery designer by passion. Well, I didn't know of her jewellery passion until I came across her blog, Jewels of Sayuri.

I bought this pair of danglers from her.

And guess what, she sent me this pair too as a free gift!!! Yippee!!!!!
Aren't they adorable and lovely? I just love 'em.
And now she's passed on a lovely award to me.
And it comes with a rule that I've gotta say 7 things about me and pass it on.
Lemme twist that a bit and tell u something else. As such am looking for a shoe, a footwear which satisfies the 7 below rules.
1. Should be black, grey or dark brown.
2. Should look formal from the top.
3. Should have a medium heel.
4. Should be a wedge.
5. Should be soft on my sole
6. Should give decently good life for my ruf n tuf usage
7. Should cost no more than 900 or 1000 bucks.
I have about 10-15 pairs of footwear now, but not one that is like this. Somehow this seems so elusive. Let's see!!!

And here are the 7 blogs I am passing this to
7. Ocean Gal, Live High

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  1. beautiful earrings and thank you for the award!

    cute & little
    come check out the color brigade!

  2. hey..sweet post...thanks and If you find a shoe like that (size 40-41) let me know too...;)lol

  3. Thank u sooo much for the award!!! I'm really honored :)

  4. Aw, thank you! It sounds like a nice shoe, by the way!

  5. Good luck finding that shoe! And thanks for the award!! you are too sweet!

  6. her jewelry is pretty--i love the first pair of earrings. and congrats to you for receiving the versatile blogger award!

  7. I am sure your were thrilled to your friend from college who is so kind and generous. Lovely danglers. Congratulations on the award.
    Best wishes,

  8. Lovely danglers. Congratulations on your award. Btw, whats your foot size?

  9. Thank you so so much dear!!!! Am really flattered! :)

    Sorry for coming by this so late......but I was out of town for a while & hence absolutely cut off from the Net!

  10. @Kileen, Inky Pinky, Emily, Elle, Polka Princess,
    Its my pleasure to share the award with you. :)

    I should thank you. :)
    And btw, I'll let you know... :)

    @Oh to be a Muse,
    Thanks love.. :)

    Thanks sweety... :)

    Thanks sweety...
    36-38.. :)


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