Biker Chic - Biker Jacket

Jacket: Self Made
Jean: Jealous 21 (Hottie)
Footwear: A gift from a friend from Japan
Fingerless gloves: Khadi Bhavan

Ever since I started biking, its been such a pleasure to keep riding all over the city and the outers and explore new places and new routes. But the new problem came into place - tanning. Well, helmet not just saved my skull, but also my face from getting tanned. But arms??? My arms reached such a poor, pathetic condition and I started to feel, it was no more my own arms. It was some one else's. It's color became so dark, so dark that I felt so bad now!!!
I could wear the typical girls' gloves. But that horrid pale beige or white colored gloves, made me feel nothing less than a ghost, right out of a scary movie!!! I thought I should go for faux leather one. But I couldn't find one long enough till my elbows.The next option was biker jacket. Somehow, I couldn't find a perfect one that I loved. So the other option was making it!!! And I did!!!
Btw, you thought Levis was the first one to come with 3 hips for every waist??? Wrong. Jealous 21 came much before - Hottie, Hourglass, Bootilicious was their terminology. And guess what, I fitted so well into Hottie itself, am a Happy Hottie!!!!!

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  1. hmmmmm....great look;)
    biker jacket for Chennai...sounds interesting ur bike

  2. Loved that Biker chic look. A sporty shoes would have been an ideal footwear.

  3. Wow! That is so awesome that you've mastered biking! My parents and I would go all around Colombo, Sri Lanka on a motorbike when I was little. ^_^ Brings back fond memories!

    I love the jacket & jeans too -- the jeans especially fit you really well! It's hard for me to find well-fitting jeans.

  4. @Divi,
    I hunted to buy one at decent price, which I never could. Nothing good enough was below 2K bucks!!!
    Thanks Divi...

    Thanks love... :)

    That's true. Just took this shot as soon as I was back home from a drive. Didn't think about changing anything at all!!!

    Thanks sweety.. :)

    Wow... Driving across Srilanka, must have been a great adventure!!!


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