Is it this Footwear??!!!

Remember my last award post where I had written about my wish for a perfect footwear in my terms for myself?
Lemme recall that now:

"And it comes with a rule that I've gotta say 7 things about me and pass it on.Lemme twist that a bit and tell u something else. As such am looking for a shoe, a footwear which satisfies the 7 below rules.1. Should be black, grey or dark brown.2. Should look formal from the top.3. Should have a medium heel.4. Should be a wedge.5. Should be soft on my sole6. Should give decently good life for my ruf n tuf usage7. Should cost no more than 900 or 1000 bucks.I have about 10-15 pairs of footwear now, but not one that is like this. Somehow this seems so elusive. Let's see!!!"

A few days back, I and a friend were on our way to Pantaloons, Nungamabakkam, Chennai, when my footwear gave up. A heel completely broke and I ended up walking from the railway station to the autostand pulling one leg. In the auto I tried to pull off the other heel to and succesfully did it. My heel became flats and was hardly holding onto my feet. My friend was having the heartiest laugh of her life by now!!! Sobs!!!!
Just opposite Pantaloons, I spotted a decent footwear store and it came with a huge banner - Flat 50% off! Could I ask for something better??? I just needed it. And in I went. And I got this.

Now, get back to the points above.
1. Its almost Black.
2. It does look pretty formal, semi formal rather.
3. It has this decent heel.
4. Yes, its a wedge.
5. Its soft on my sole.
7. Its just 450 bucks after that 50% off!!!
And reg. the 6th point, I dunno now. So far so good. I'm almost wearing it everytime I step out. It has a sturdy backstrap that helps it to hold on the my foot even if u run!!! How long will it live??? Dunno, lets see!!! But I'm very very happy with this one!!!!! May be this is the footwear I've been looking for all the while!!!!!

Here's the store address:
Khal's Foot World
Opp. Pantaloons
Nelson Towers, Nelson Manickam Rd, 
Aminjikarai, Chennai
Ph: 044 23741505

visit my online store at



  1. this is a nice shoe. looking good on ur foot. :))

  2. Good to know you got your Bridal footwear from Khals.
    Coz many do. Many end up buying at Metro when it comes to their own wedding...
    Do share a pic of it.
    Coming right over to your blog...


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