Personalized & Customized - 4 (WWF Costume)

This guy I knew, was such an born performer. Ever since school days, he'll be the centre of attention, sometimes in a good way and sometimes in errrr. Leave it!!!
So this guy came to me with a request to help him out put up a show in his office annual meet night. What exactly he had in mind, freaked me out a bit initially, I should accept. He's crazy about WWF (No, not Wildlife Federation, its Wrestling!!!). So he said I need a costume, or rather 2. One like Shawn Michaels and another like John Morrison. I seriously hadn't even heard their names, till he told me and passed on some of their pics to me. Of course, it had to be comfortable enough for him and ofcourse, economically viable.
So, here is the outcome, Like it???
This is the Shawn Michael inspired one.
This is his ramp show with this outfit.
This is the John Morrisson inspired outfit. When he said he's wants this trousers to wear it for a friends' wedding, I was like, 'Wow. Nothing better, If you could carry it off well. But it is really difficult'. I must say, he's done a neat job pairing it with a Golden Venfield Shirt for the wedding!!!

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