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One of my close friends is getting married and we went on a shopping spree. Of course, understandable - Any woman, wants to look like a princess on the day of her wedding and look like a s*xy senorita then on, that her husband cannot take her eyes off her... Errr. Ofcourse, till boredom sets in. Lolz!!!
Well, this was not exactly a wedding shopping. This was piling up goodies for post-marital life. Some outfits, shoes, cosmetics etc etc etc. So, we went into this shop and she was pulling out some sneakers, while I browsed through the whole store. It was a fabulous store at an absolutely affordable pricing. 

Pls forgive my chipped nailpolish!!! :P
And also the poor lighting. I clicked it with my mobile cam...
This pair of footwear was at the top-shelf and I assumed it might be costly. And I had no intention of buying anything at all, this day was purely for this bride-to-be. Still, I pulled it out and saw. I loved it at the first site. What more, I checked the price - I could have fainted, but I didn't. It was just 750 bucks - for a bridal footwear - with satin base, high heel, golden detailing, and stone work!!! I yelled across the showroom at my friend to buy it, to wear on her wedding day. But she's not the one who feels comfy with high heels.
The only hope now - Wish almost a similar, if not better pair, be available at the store when I plan to get married!!!
Their site: Just as we say, not to judge a book by its cover, don't judge this brand from their site or the product range in the site. Its actually much better and much more. I gave you this link, so you can check out the nearest showroom to you...

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  1. there is a store in egmore (basement of cisons complex next to alsa mall...dont remeber the shop name but they have a very good collection (lots of bridal stuff too) and is extremely affordable and the younger sales guy is very friendly and is really helpful..try it sometime

  2. i like the gold accents on the shoes!

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    It's greatly appreciated!

  3. Simple but elegant. I love them!

  4. Lovely foot wear, very elegantly presented.

    Best wishes,

  5. @Geek Met Chic,
    I sure think so... :)

    Thanks for the info..
    I'd try that sometime...

    @Oh to be a Muse,
    That's what makes it Bridal, isn't it???

    Thanks dear.. :)

    @Joseph Cheta,
    Thanks Cheta.. :)


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