Maid of Honor Look - Reception

Yes, following the teaser with Mehendi in last post, here comes my outfit post. This is what I wore for the Wedding Reception. I am not much of a saree person. I do love wearing saree, but the problem is, I don't wear it regularly. So if I buy a saree for myself it ends up in my wardrobe in one corner for months together. Obviously you can't wear the same saree for every other function. So the turn of the same saree comes much much later...
So, this time, I opted to steal from my mom's rack... I pulled out this saree out of mom's wardrobe and just got a blouse that goes with it.

Neckpiece: National Museum Shop , New Delhi
Earring: National Museum Shop, New Delhi

Bracelet: National Museum Shop, New Delhi
Nail Polish: Lakme True Wear Nail Color in 248

Sec. Earring: From a local jeweller
Base: Lakme 9 to 5 Creme Compact in Shell
Eyeliner: Lakme 9 to 5 Defining Eyeliner in Black
Eyeshadow: Lakme Eyeshadow Quardet in Peacock
Blusher: Lakme Pure Rouge Blusher in Peach Affair
Lipstick: Lakme Aquashine in Coral
Bindi: From a Street Shop in Chennai

Will come back soon with what I wore for the actual wedding itself... Till then see ya...

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  1. Beautiful... I love this color combination.. Pink with yellow.. :) Okay.. now am waiting for the next post .... :D

  2. Love the tribal jewelry...n u r welcome to borrow sarees from me...I also wear them only once or twice n then they sleep in my cupboard:(

  3. thanx a lot for visiting my blog...
    i followed ur blog already before :)
    btw i loved ur jewellery
    so u like wearing sarees?
    infact i love sarees though cant carry them well!

  4. Looking pretty! I really like your necklace!

  5. aah! the elegance of the saree! :)

  6. OMG you look so beautiful and radiant! I want that necklace badly too! ^_^ I really love how you paired the classic traditional sari with the modern artistic necklace -- very cool!

    And how great that you get to wear a bridesmaid outfit that can be worn again, lol! The one time I was a bridesmaid (not that willingly, unfortunately), I had to wear this hideous periwinkle polyester dress that went straight to the charity shop afterwards.

  7. wow.. u look so pretty in saree !! :

  8. @Sow,
    Thanks do chellam... :)

    Wow... Thanks for the offer... Would love to raid your closet... :)

    Thank you sweetheart...
    And thanks again for following.. :)

    @The Girl at First Avenue,
    Thanks darling.. :)

  9. @Jovita,
    Indeed. Saree is elegant no matter what... :)

    Thanks sweetheart... :)

    Thank you so much dear.. :)
    Oh my, so sad about your bridesmaid dress...
    Its true many a times, when they get us something, it turns out to be totaly out of sync from our style. Reminds me of the movie '27 dresses'... :D :)

    Thank you so much love.
    Isn't this your first visit to my blog.
    Welcome to Fashion Panache dear.. :)

  10. Gorgeous ! Bridesmaid ? You like like a radiant bride ! :)

  11. @Ram Cheta,
    Cheta.... Why??????
    However, thank you so much for your complement... :) :) :)


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