If I were a Barbie Doll!!!

A few days back I saw this ad in tv, that says a new Barbie doll has come up in the name of Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif. That rekindled my memories of my aversion to Barbie. Yeah, you heard (or read) it right...
Courtesy: Google Images
Somehow, I never related to Barbie personally. Somehow the first thing I spot when I see a Barbie, even before her apparel, is her proportion, her head is a bit bigger than her waist itself. Even if we go bald, our waist would still be bigger than head!!! And her legs, way too thin...!!! And her palms so small. Generally our palms fill from our forehead to chin... See...
Courtesy: Google Images
As such, the ad was like, to dream what you want to be and that Katrina wanted to be a Barbie ever since she was a little girl. I thought what if I were a Barbie. I pulled out a pic of myself and altered it to the proportions of a Barbie...
Real vs. Barbie Proportion'ed
If a life size Barbie's height was set at 6 feet, her vital statistics would be 35-19-33!!! And her neck would be twice long as usual!!!
Ah.......... No thanks. I don't want to be a Barbie afterall...!!!

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  1. Katrina is as fake as the barbie! :) I do not think anyone of us want to barbie. Thank you very much!

    ♡ from © tanvii.com

  2. OMG!Hilarious post!I'm actually so sick of barbie fashion!In the midst of all these,your blog is a breather!I call it 'fashion with brains'.

  3. that's funny! and as much as the barbie brand wants to win the indian crowd, i think there are only a few who can actually relate. love katrina regardless! and this post is phunny!

  4. ROFL :P Awsum post :)nice blog following u :)

  5. Hi Barbusha oops Busha

    You look fine the way you are !


  6. @All,
    Glad you had a hearty laugh...
    I am sure, if we go by the statistics, no one would want to be a Barbie...

    A special thanks to you...
    Thanks for that sweet compliment.. :)


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