Semi Formal Look - Quilted Open Jacket

Top: From Khadi Bhavan, Chennai
Waistcoat: Dakshina Chitra
Trousers: Big Bazaar
Footwear: Khal's

I love this Kurta and that is why I keep on wearing it and styling it in different ways. I love its color, texture and feel..., and more than everything the fact that its Khadi...
The Khal's Shoes, yeah, I have shared that story with you already...
The waist coat is one of my favourites. Its a reversible one. Someday I'll post another post, styling with the reverse of the same waist coat. That day when I ventured to Dakshina Chitra, I was almost broke and hardly had any money on me. But still when I saw this coat, I wanted it so so badly and I collected every penny in my handbag including Rs.5 notes and bought this coat. This one is slightly smaller to my size, but I still wanted it, so even the size didn't matter. I removed the buttons in the front so I could wear is open!!!

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  1. I like waistcoats, they're better suited to Indian weather than trench coats!! Sadly, they aren't that popular around here :-(

  2. Love the waistcoat! Being top-heavy it's difficult for me to carry off waistcoats well, but I do have a very deep-cut one that I'm going to try and wear more these coming months. The weather's getting cold here so it will be good for waistcoats. I wish I had a colorful one like yours to wear, though! ^_^

  3. @Being Fab,
    So true. I really feel so bad that I can't wear Trench Coats... :(
    And why don't you start the trend of waist coats in your area....

    Thanks darling...
    Lemme know if you want one this colorful. I can make it for you.. :)
    Am looking for your outfit posts... :)


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