Winter Wear in Germany Snow!

I was digging my pics in my old folders and I came across these pics of mine during my trip to Germany. That was the first ever time, I saw snow with my own eyes and I loved it, though it was below freezing temparatures at -16 Deg C!!! Btw, here's my travelogue on my Germany Trip!!!
Here's my gear to protect myself in that such low temparatures...

Jerkins with fur edged hood: Vishal's, New Delhi
Scarf: From a Street Shop in Bangalore
Skull Cap: From a Street Shop in Bangalore

On one of my visits to New Delhi, I had some work somewhere, which was right opposite to Vishal's was located. But I love the range of winterwear that Vishal has and ended up asking to driver to take me all the way to Vishal's and bought this one. I have a weakness for the fake fur edgings and detailing and this one was perfect with a hood edged with fake fur.
I got this scarf at a Street Store in Bangalore. The best part of it - its a knock off of Burberry Checks!!!

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  1. isn't it great?? i love to visit and see it, but not sure if i'd want to LIVE thru a whole season of it!!


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  3. cute!!
    when its that freezing cold..i always believe in being comfortable over fashionable
    though one can be fashionably comfortable!!

  4. waoo it looks cold!! thank God here is not that bad :)


  5. @Oomph,
    It was indeed fabulous to feel the chillness on my skin, esp. being in a part of world where sun is merciless for 10 months a year!!! But true, being so much here, I may not be able to 'live' there throughout!!!

    @Shooting Star,

    Thanks love.. :)

    It was freezing, just opposite to my part of the world!!!!!

  6. I m Guy from bangalore... i Love to wear scarfs...Kindly let me know where its available in bangalore


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