Gorgeous Giveaway to all the Gorgeous women esp, who are bitten by the wanderlust and keep traveling. One lucky winner would get a travel sized kit of Biotique skincare range and some H&G Facial Sponges too. After all, we do want to look good at a party or a wedding, though we might have gone trekking or rafting or just site visit for office, the previous day!!! 
I wanted to organize this giveaway when both my GFC followers count and Facebook Fans Count crossed 100. However it got a bit delayed and here is the lovely 100+ 100+ Giveaway.

So here goes the list
1. Biotique - Green Apple - Cleanser for hair and scalp - Bio Apple
2. Biotique - Morning Nectar - Moisturising Lotion - Bio Lotion
3. Biotique - Honey Gel - Foaming Face Cleanser - Bio Gel
4. Biotique - Berberry Lotion - Face Cleanser - Bio Berberry
5. Biotique - Cucumber Water - Face Freshner - Bio Cucumber
6. Health & Glow - H&G Basics - Cleansing Sponge Wedges (Pack of 4)
The Biotique Skin Care Range

Their Ingredients

Their Product Details

H&G Wedge Sponges

Biotique is an Indian Brand of skincare. Its a brand of herbal formulations and the best part its not tested on animals and has no harmful chemicals. This is the mini travel pack of Biotique,so its perfect for the women on the go. It can be easily carried anywhere and its a boon for women travelers and the women bitten by the wanderlust, like me!!!

This is what you have to do participate in this giveaway and win a chance to make these yours!!!

Fill the form below and click on submit and you would receive a message 'Thanks you're done. Thanks. Your response has been recorded'. 
And You're done!!!
If you have any difficulty in the form, let me know.

1. Follow Fashion Panache via GFC (Google Friend Connect), coz we want to be gorgeous!!!
2. Follow My Travelogue via GFC (Google Friend Connect), coz we all love traveling!!!
Some issue with blogger and sometimes the GFC vanishes!!! Its just below the Giveaway button in the right panel in this blog and in My Travelogue, GFC is the section 'Join Me in my Journeys' in the right panel. Refreshing the page a couple of times (Hit Refresh or Hit Ctrl+F5) should bring back GFC, if its vanished!!! 

1. Like Fashion Panache Page in Facebook (+2 points)
2. Tweet about this Giveaway, with a link to this post. (+2 points)
3. Make your Facebook status, to link to this post and tag atleast 4 lovely gals/women. (+2 points)
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4. Use the first image of this post, as a button on your blog sidebar and link it to this post. (+5 points)
5. Make a blogpost about this giveaway using the first image. However that should be a regular blog and not a blog meant for giveaways. (+10 points) 

So that gives not just a chance but solid 25 additional chances to win this.
What more,
And you've got till Dec 31, 2011!!!
This would your lovely gift from me for New Years 2012... :)
And its open to all legally majors with an Indian Shipping address...
Just 2 compulsory entries and 25 optional entries.
Try to get as much points as possible using FB, Twitter, Blog etc so its all gonna be yours!!!

This is a self-sponsored giveaway...

visit my online store at www.bhushavali.com



  1. I wish I lived in India so I could participate! I love this brand of skin care products and have to order them online or request relatives to bring me some.

  2. Hello Dear ! Tapaswini here, entered in your blog giveaway ! I like biotique products !

  3. I entered! :)

    Total # of entries:- 25

    Hope to win. :)

  4. Hi....
    This is Deepa... Entered ur giveaway

  5. Hey gal...have entered now! :)

  6. Hey Deeps nice giveaway will be entering soon.....lovely blog you have :)

  7. I just entered your giveaway. :-) Thanks for hosting it.

  8. Hey girl,
    Thanks for stopping by on my blog :) Your blog is lovely, especially the theme of being KHADI ^_^ Totally love it :D Well I am for sure entering your giveaway.I love biotique products ^_^

    P.s. Will be following win you now...and hope a follow back..Cheers :D

  9. Count me in, i already use Morning nectar moisturiser and green apple clenaser. i love biotique products.

    I am already a follower of this blog on GFC, now following your travelogue too.

  10. I can't see GFC for the travel blog!

  11. Now following your travelogue too on GFC!

  12. too bad I'm not in India :(
    Following you on GFC , could do eh same for me?

  13. Wow, really liking ur blog. Great giveaway. Just entered. :)


  14. lovely giveaway :) me entered :)

  15. Hi Bhuvashali, can suggest me a prize I should giveaway for the upcoming contest? see the shortlisted things here
    Would love for you to participate, it'll be fun little fashion contest.
    Nice going with your first contest :)

  16. Finally entered your give away :)...hope I win...fingers crossed :D

  17. Checked out your travelogue blog. Its awesome. Following both blogs now :)

  18. Entered Successfully! Gave in 2 compulsory entries and the other 25 entries too! :) Hope to win and All the very best to the other contestants! :)
    Thank you so much for this wonderful giveaway Bhushavali! Advance happy new year wishes!

  19. hey entered! btw nice blog dear :)...advnce happy new yr !!

  20. wen will u announce the winners??? M so excited :D

  21. @fictitious fashion...same here ;)

  22. hi
    GFc: giusy286
    FB e Blogger: giusy chiarenza
    Email: giusy286@yahoo.it


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