Travel Style - Mickey Tee

When I was in my school days, I mean, not as a kid, during adolescence, once I went to Weekender for my B'day purchase and bought 3 tees. All were Mickey Mouse tees. Obviously what can you expect out of a kid who just entered teens. I was pretty big for my age during those days and I fitted only into L sizes for kids. But then came the proper adolescence when I got figure conscious and of course in a few  years from then, my height growth too stopped. Well, as a blessing in disguise, I never grew out of those outfits. And one of those tees still survive against all odds!!!

I love this one. Its not freaky or childish or bright. The color is a royal blue and the Mickey Mouse print on it is not overwhelming as well... And the best part, I still fit into it... :)
Tee: Weekender
Jean: Colors of Nature (Natural Dyed Handloom)
Earrings: Dashinachithra

Well, I wore it when I was exploring Vazhachal Forest. 

Click the image for My Travelogue on that place... Here is the Picture album of the same place from My Travelogue. This was while returning and that should explain the tiredness on my face!!!

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  1. I always used to complain because I stopped growing tall early. But I guess the bright side to that is I can use the same clothes till I die. :D

  2. LOL I don't think I fit into any of my childhood clothes! There are a few dresses I wish I could still wear ;)


  3. Lovely expression on the second pic. :)

  4. U luk picturesque in d 2nd 1 :)

  5. Still hanging out with Mickey mouse? Glad to see that the post-adolscence phase has not led to a diminshing interest in "real" opposed to all the "cool" stuff you are automatically supposed to like to fit in with your peers....BTW, i am the proud owner of a mickey mouse watch and i still wear it occasionally just to enjoy people's reactions to it (cant help being that way- i am like that only). and the second pic shows you with a contented expression (yappada) on your face...was it taken immediately post-lunch???? just curious...

  6. Weekender and Ruggers have always been my favorite brands since kidhood....& you look adorable in the second pic :D

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  9. @Narcissist,
    True na!!! Ha ha ha!!!!

    Ha ha.. This is the only one I fit into yet from my childhood wardrobe!!! Lolz!!!

    Thanks buddy.. :)

    Thanks sweetheart.. Looks like your first visit here to my blog. Welcome to Fashion Panache dear.. :)

    You have a Mickey mouse watch??? Wow!!! I had an Alladin watch in teens, now dunno where it went, must be laying somewhere in some cupboard. You reminded me that, lemme search for it...
    And no, that was not a happy food look. That was a look after a long haul flight, and 'yappada, back home' look... :)

  10. @Swarnali,
    Thanks you so much dear... Sad that Weekender is gone now!!! :(

    @Oh to be a muse,
    Indeed it was a fab, almost virgin forest. Click on it to check out the other pics of that forest...

    @ Ram Sir,
    Thank you... :)


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