Dermalogica Skin Kit - A Review

How many of us actually follow the everyday CTM Regime??? Honestly, myself its a CM Regime. I skip the toner on an everyday basis! What about you?
I recently tried out the Dermalogica Skin Kit. It a very cute package that contains a Cleanser, Exfoliator, Toner, Moisturizer, and a Lip Balm as well, plus a sample pack of pre-cleanse & mask! 

The packaging is travel friendly and comes in a zipped canvas / rexin pouch... 

To start with was the Essential cleansing solution. It comes in a 50ml flip cap container. It was a milky white, creamy solution. Its meant to remove impurities and nourish & condition my skin. I must say, it did!! I applied it on my wet skin and massaged it over for a few minutes. The consistency of the cream was so good that it helps to massage my skin for some while.
Then was the Gentle cream exfoliant. This comes in a 10ml squeeze tube. Unlike the other exfoliators I couldn't see any particles or anything that literally abrades my skin. It was more like a very thick paste. It was indeed difficult to blend it in. Well, what are exfoliators afterall for?
After that was Multi-active toner. It comes in a 50ml spray pack. It preps the skin for proper moisture absorption. I expected it to be a colorless spray but it was a white liquid. I just let it to be absorbed for a few minutes and the skin really got so soft and cool!
Finally was the Intensive Moisture Balance which is the moisturizer. Its a 22ml squeeze tube. Its a nice minty smelling (the others were odourless!) white cream which just a little was enough to moisturize my whole face & neck!!!
Simple my skin was at its moisturized best after this. Yes, this whole thing was time consuming. Step by step all of these things easily took 20 mins for me!!! But then, it was worth it!!!!! 

The product was gifted by by the company, however the opinions are of my own experience and are this post does not to advertise the product. 
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  1. i have not yet tried dis kit :) thnks for sharing

    1. Try it out if you have a dry skin. Its so perfect. But they must be having separate kits for other skin types. I couldn't open their site to know what are the other stuff they have!!!

  2. I am yet to try this brand ... nice kit, has pretty much all one need

    1. Indeed a perfect kit to take out to travel n all... Fits in the bag with all skincare! :)


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