Lotus Herbals Safesun SPF 70 - A Review

I've already reviewed the Lotus Herbals Safesun SPF 90 earlier in my blog and I've already declared my love for Lotus Herbals when it comes to sunscreens. So here comes the review of Lotus Herbals Safesun SPF 70. Its called Daily Multi Function Sunblock SPF 70 PA+++. A a bit less fierce when compared to SPF 90. 
So I wore it and roamed about in the fierce sun in the beaches in part of the world during May-End for almost 5-6 hours, from afternoon to late evening. Well, un-tanned! I liked!! Rather, superliked!!! I know, I should have put the SPF 90 into this test and 70 into 'more than an hour in pre-noon in city' test. Well, situation so happened!!! Lolz!!!
The major ingredients in this are Carrot & Avacado. This too is preservative free and has herbal formulation for multiple benefits. Avocado & Carrot extracts have healing properties that soften, smoothen & nourish skin. 
Product wise its pretty similar to its SPF 90 counterpart. This too has an amazing sun protection factor and doesn't let my skin tan. This too is kinda a BB Creme similar to my dear old SPF 40 Matte Look Sunblock. Its tinted, so again I could skip makeup base, but a bit lighter in color than the SPF 90. Again if you're of darker complexion it might whiten up the skin! The consistency of this  creme too is slightly heavier. It has be blended a bit more than a normal lotion. Its gives the good ol' mattifying effect, and doesn't go away in sweat. 

The product was gifted by by the company, however the opinions are of my own experience and are this post does not to advertise the product. 
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  1. I got SPF 90 one . .still not able to use it . . .m hopin for the best !!!

    1. Try it out. Its excellent too!!! :)
      And do let me know how u felt abt the prod...

  2. I have spf 50- sun block.. n it's pretty amazing!

    Maybe you have time to read my New Post- Similar Difference


    1. I think I've used that too once. Not sure.
      But I bought Extreme Sunblock SPF 60 once when my regular 3in1 Matte SPF 40 was unavailable! That's good too...

  3. SPF followed by the digit is
    Say SPF-40 means you should get 40X 10 minutes= 6 hrs 40 minutes protection. Do we normally require so much protection and pay so much extra? The best blockers are cucumber and Alovera. In fact we make a paste of both and go out in the sun to get a protection from the skin cancer. Pls look for PA ranking in your sunscreen product.

    1. Not on a daily basis, but esp. when you're travelling or playing sports and out on sun for hours together, I guess its pretty much needed...
      And yes, you're right, cucumber and aloevera are excellent cooling agents & sun screen. So is sandalwood paste, too. And after-exposure tan removal is best done with lemon extracts!!! Works very well with me!!!!!

  4. I am an ultra huge fan of lotus herbals sunscreens!
    I think I must have tried almost every product in it.
    I have Wheatish complexion so I guess spf 70 is wayy beyond for me.
    Great post !

    1. Me too!!! :)
      I haven't tried the sunscreens lower that 40 SPF, coz for me its nothing! Lolz! :)
      I guess when you travel or when you go to play sports, even for wheatish or dusky skin, SPF 70 would be useful...
      Thanks Varsha. Do keep dropping by... :)

  5. hii ,my skin is white-brown ,i am usin but i won't use it now
    my skin is little oilly ,i amusing Lotus Safe sun herbal for MEN,but after using for 2 day my skin started to get pimpal,i really didnot had any yet ,i donot know why ,using this product ,my skin seems to be more damaged,i am not sure ,if it works for u or not,but this is really bad for me however my skin is not sensitive ,its normal and good ,i have not pimpal yet ,now it is trying to come,HELP ME,plz email me thanks

    1. You may use Himalaya Neem Face Wash for your pimples. It works!


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