Quick DIY Customized Rakhi / Friendship band

Raksha Bandhan is a very special day here in India. Its a day to celebrate the love and affection between brothers & sisters and is signified by the sister tying a band called 'Rakhi' around her brothers wrist and brother gifts his sister with anything she loves! 
How more emotional would it be if you took the effort to make your own Rakhi customized to say more about your love for your bro!!! So here comes a quick, very simple, customized, DIY Rakhi.
Stuff: Some nice & thick thread (glitter would be preffered) / Satin thread
2 fabric bits in nice colors
Fevicryl 3D Outliner or Fabric color
Needle, Thread, Glue
& Most imp: A CUTE PIC OF U n UR BRO! A childhood pic is more preferred!!

Cut the fabrics into 2 circles of 2 sizes.
Braid the thread to a wrist length plus extra length to tie.
Instead of braiding a thread a satin ribbon could be used as it is.
Cut the pic as a circle smaller than the smaller cloth circle.

Cut the edges of the 2 cloth circles to fray the edges.

Attach the 2 circles one on top of another in the centre of the braided thread/satin ribbon.
Stitching is preferred. If not possible, stick it!

Stick the pic in the centre of the cloth circles.
For eg., I've used some random pic...

Outline the pic with 3D Outliner.

More decoration like a small butterfly or heart could be added!
Sorry for the bad pics. Half way through my cam gave up and I had to continue clicking pics with mobile. So blurred pics!
You can make the whole thing with papers, instead of cloth, but the life of the Rakhi will be just for the day, coz sweat will eat up the Rakhi! Swap the pic of you n your bro with a pic of you & your best friend and make the same for Friendship day! Your very own personal, customized, DIY Friendship band!!!

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  1. Hi....nice post :) Will try this if I get time at night. I have all products I guess :)

    1. Thanks Ray!!! Hope you had a fabulous and loving Raksha Bandhan with your bro! :)

  2. thats so easy peezy and quite fast ! Innovative. Thanks for ur comment, and have a great Rakshabandhan...xo

    1. Glad you like it Surbhi. Wish you too a great Raksha Bandhan!!!

  3. Cute :)

    thank you so much for commenting my blog :)


  4. That was so cute, and great gift idea. Thanks for sharing !

    Perfect Etch


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