Born Pretty 30 color lip palette - A Review

Recently I spotted the Born Pretty 30 color Lip stick & lipgloss on their website! I should say I loved the palette at the first instant. There's something about palettes in general that I love, may it be eyeshadow palette or lip palette. So far I've got a few eye palettes but never a lip palette and when I spotted this, I wanted it that instant. Another thing that made it want it all the more was its price - It was just $8.54! So here is its review!!!
 This is how the palette look like! It has 24 colors in smaller pans and 6 colors in bigger pans. There's a huge mirror that's really very useful. 
The best part is most of the colors are usuable regularly. See the first color in first row? Though it looks green, its actually colorless transparent, serves more like a lip balm or clear gloss. Same with the 2nd color in 2nd row. It has a fabulous mix of shimmer and matte colors, that I totally love. Again its a great mix of pinks, n*des, and corals. What is doesn't have is variety in violets and plums which I personally don't bother, coz blue/violet tones don't suit my skin color! Apart from the green in 2nd row; blue, black, white in 3rd row; and blue in 4th row, rest all are very usable on a regular basis for me! 
At that price I didn't expect a great pigmentation. But I was wrong. Most of the colors had a good pigmentation. Esp., the lighter colors and medium colors were very good. In 2-3 applications, the color comes out very well. The very dark colors, esp, the one plum color, the pigmentation was uneven! 
The shimmer colors were luscious, but the matte colors were a bit drying. But that's ok, you have 2 transparent balm / clear gloss in the palette, as I said earlier! One trouble is that it doesn't have an inbuilt brush - I would have liked to have one, coz its easy to put in the handbag on travel. The case is a black plastic-foam-rexin case about which I'm not much happy about. I handle things roughly, and I'm scared that I'll tear of the rexin... I would have preferred a sturdy hard plastic case. 
Here are some swatches. The last one is the plum which has uneven pigmentation.

And here are some explorations with the palette!!! 
Starting with the dual tone lip color. A lighter color on upper lip and darker color on lower lip.

Ombre lips!!! The first is with lighter color all over and darker color only in the inner, center part of upper & lower lips. The second is lighter color all over and darker color on the outer corners of the lips.
A trial on Betty Boop lips!!! Lolz!!!
A trial on Dracula lips complete with Dracula fangs and blood effect - all from the palette!!! Lolz!!!
The wierd green & blue colors from the palette. Can be worn once a year on Halloween!!!
You've seen my Zebra Eyes look already and here's a trial on the Zebra lips look, again can be worn only on Halloween, created with the palette!

Seriously, at that price, you can't expect too much, its really, really worth it!!! 
But guess what, you need not even pay $8.54 for this palette. My dearest readers can get hold of it at $7.69 after a fabulous 10% off! Here's the coupon code - EML91!!! 
Not just this palette, you can buy anything at Born Pretty store and avail 10% off with this coupon code plus you get free shipping across the world too!!!

The product was gifted by the company for reviewing purposehowever the opinions are of my own experience and are this post does not to advertise the product.
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  3. Why would anyone put black, teal and green in lip palettes. Other shades are so pretty

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  16. I have an Oriflame palette and I love it. BTW, Oriflame is my first adult palette. Otherwise I have used them only for plays and dances while at school ;)

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