Stylecraze Haul & BR Makeup Palette Review!

Stylecraze is a community of beauty and style bloggers based in India! And ofcourse, I'm a member there. As a part of the member benefits for the activities there, I received a fantabulous gift from them recently. So what were there in it??? Here's the haul - my dearest, long lasting, makeup base that never lets me down - Lakme 9 to 5 Flawless Creme Compact. With that I also got the Lakme Radiance Compact for those less strenuous days when my makeup need not last long!
I wanted to try out the Lotus Herbals Natural Blend Swift Makeup since some time now. I've read its reviews and personally I felt, it would work great as a eyeshadow base. Well, its review is coming up soon! :)

For now, let me review the 4th product I got. I was looking at the product listing for the makeup palettes in stylecraze and I spotted this. You know what attracted me to that? Its price. Its was priced at Rs.280/-. I mean, seriously, a palette containing, 2 compacts, 4 blushes, 20 powder eye shadows, 10 creme eye shadows, and 10 lip colors, at this price, no harm in trying out, right??? So, I chose to try that out... Its called the BR Fashion Colorbook in Gold. No, I haven't heard of this brand so far. Its a Chinese make...

Looking at this price, I didn't have much expectations with this palette. Honestly, it didn't disappoint me that much. There's a decent sized mirror. The 2 compact powders were 1 matte and 1 shimmery. The shimmery one did a decent job. It did serve as a base and add shimmer. The matte one was disappointing, though.

What totally took me by surprise were the blushers. With the lightest use of them, the color came up so well. The pigmentation was too too good. Actually I didn't expect that and I took a lot of blusher on my brush to try it out on my cheek and the color just exploded on my face that I had to wipe it and take off some. With that done, I should say, it's staying power is not bad and it doesn't transfer easily. It stays well for about 3 hours easily. I mean, I didn't expect that much of staying power from that palette. 

There were 20 powder eye shadows. The pigmentation is not very good, but its not bad. I expected the bright colors like pink and blue to come up well on the skin, but sadly they didn't. It doesn't crease much when compared to the creme shadows. The creme shadows were a visual treat. They had sparks of silver splashed upon them! But actually I've lost touch using the creme shadows. The last creme shadow I used was probably in my primary school days!!!! I find them so uncomfortable now. It creases a lot and transfers a lot...
The lip colors are good. I don't use much of purples, so the color range was perfect for me. It has 10 varieties of pinks and browns. Again the staying power is ok. It stays for about 3 hours if you don't eat or use lips to drink (or kiss!). The pigmentation is good and its more like a gloss and adds shine to the lips. 

Best part was the packaging. Come on, look at it. Would you say, its a clutch or its a makeup palette??? It looks awesome. Ofcourse it comes with 2 brushes. A flat brush for the compact and blusher, an eyeshadow sponge, a pointed brush for lining the eyes and for applying lipstick. Technically, they're useless. But then, if you're travelling and you're slipping that palette in your handbag for touch-ups, those brushes may be enough. 

The product was gifted by Stylecraze as a gifthowever the opinions are of my own experience and are this post does not to advertise the product.
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  1. Great perks in the form of lovely gifts !! :) And yes the packaging is infact fabulous !

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  8. amazing products! I fel lik trying everything!keep in touch dear:)) happy weekend! also, I have a new post now and would love to know your opinion on it!!


  9. Another time I would buy this product to give to my wife as a gift.
    I'm really impressed with this product.
    Is this product safe for the body?
    Thanks for sharing.


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