Etude Mascara & Face Glam - A Review

Recently I did a mini haul of Etude House. Na... That couldn't be classified as mini haul. Just bought Mascara and Highlighter. Here's a review of the same.
The first product is Golden Ratio Face Glam which is a face highlighter. I liked its packaging. It looks so cute in a little, cylindrical plastic container. What I tried was color #1 - Pink. Its in 2 parts. 
The top part has a flip cap that has the concealer in it. I wouldn't term it a concealer, its more like a cream highlighter. It has a little mirror within. It doesn't conceal anything. Its a shimmery highlighter meant to be applied around the eyes to brighten up the eyes.  
The second part is the main section. This part is of liquid consistency. I loved this the most. It is a face illuminator to be applied on the T of the face and apples of the cheeks. It gives a shimmery, dewy glow to the face. But you know what I loved the most about this product. I don't use it just as a face illuminator but as a body shimmer. Its flowy consistency makes it easy to be applied all over the arms and legs and back. What's a perfect accessory for a s*xy party wear, than a glowing shimmery skin???!!!! I LOVE THIS!!!
That's the cream atop and the liquid beneath, just applied and well blended. The product has another color of gold. I guess that should suit me more. Anyway's I just love it!

Over to the mascara. Its called 'Oh! My Eye Lash Slimcara'. As the name goes why, right from the packaging to the wand thickness, everything was thin. The wand is slightly curved and the brushes on the wand were pretty small and not so close to each other. Its a nice, dark, pure black pigment. Only drawback I could say is that the volume of the pack, is so less!

Check out the below image.  Errr.. Sorry, my eyebrows are unkempt here!!! Anyways, the first eye has the mascara and the 2nd doesn't. See the difference? The first eye looks so opened up! I like it!!!
I got these from an online beauty store called W2beauty. Its a fabulous store that sells all Korean Beauty brands. The next Korean brand, I'm longing to try is Skin 79 BB Cream! Let's see...

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  1. Hilighting is so intresting , very cute packaging :)

  2. Face glam looks good

  3. Thnaks for sharing this!! It does look great!

  4. Like the highlighter it looks so pretty.

  5. Highlighter is fantastic! Gorgeous mascara ... To shine like star in the Christmas party!!! Ok, on my blog for relax and nature...

  6. These look really wonderful. I like the mascara on your eye as well, it really did open up the eye!! Super post doll xx

    The Dainty Dolls House

  7. i'm so glad you did a review of the golden ratio. i saw it on others and it looked good. i'm definitely buying it. great mascara!

  8. Nice review!!!
    Lovely blog! I follow you on bloglovin.
    The Indian Savage diary

  9. Nice products and review. :)

  10. wow! the first eye that has the mascara looks very natural, and at the same time it gives you volume. love that!
    Thanks for sharing your review with us :)

  11. Hello, Happy holidays to you too. good choice.

  12. Thanks guys!!! Glad you liked the review!!! :)


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