Friday, October 2, 2015

Chennai International Fashion Week 2015 - Hari Anand

You saw what Chaitanya Rao had put up at CIFW. Now, over to Hari Anand. Hari Anand's Collection here at CIFW, was pretty much similar to his show at PFW. However, he had added some more garments with new techniques.
As is his signature style, his collection began with a series of exquisite sheer sarees with textured detailing, all in off-whites and cremes, with a hint of shimmer, heavily inspired by his home town, Kerala. 

New here from PFW were some of his jackets, some short, summery and classic, and some asymmetric and quirky, both for men & women. I loved both the styles. I most definitely want one of those jackets!
He also showcased his jewel tones gowns with sheer jackets that he had put up at PFW, here as well. This was followed by the opposite end of the spectrum, new here with black gowns. And then some white and off white short dresses and long gowns. 
Again a lot of exploration with textures in every garment of his, which is most definitely his specialty!!! His show stopper wore a red bead worked lehenga - Check out the video below for his line up and show stopper!!
Coming back soon with few more designers at CIFW 2015 powered by Volvo Cars!!!

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Friday, September 25, 2015

Chennai International Fashion Week 2015 - Chaitanya Rao

If you had seen my Facebook and Twitter updates, you might have known, Chennai got its heat up through the roof, with Chennai International Fashion Week that happened last week. This and upcoming few posts would be on the event!
When you say Chennai and Fashion together, there are a few names that are synonymous with it, and that list would be topped by, none other than Chaitanya Rao.
This time in the 7th Edition of Chennai International Fashion Week hosted by Storm Fashion Company, presented by Volvo Cars, Chaitanya Rao was actually in cloud 9 and why wouldn't he be, with the latest movie he designed costume for, became a super duper hit!!!!!
The collection started in his signature spring-summer feel with pastel multi-colored leather outfits in fitted silhouettes like fitted shirts, jackets, short skirts etc. Then it moved on to solids in watermelon reds, combined with elegant painted effect floral prints in reds, pinks & greens. 
From that, the collection moved over to something that I wanted to steal off the ramp. These are very similar to what he designed for the lead lady Nayantara, in the movie that became a super hit - Thani Oruvan. Gowns... Not just gowns, those were super flowy, super flared, super flouncy, floral printed GOWNS!!! I want them... I mean, seriously, I want them.... I just want them!!!!!!!
After that, came in the his darker, deeper side with more drama! This began with silver and white and moved to silver and black!!! The snake textured leathers were made into fitted silhouettes. More texture was added in the construction of the garment. This jacket with the back cutout, origami pleated detailing is again a piece that I want!
Black gowns followed this. Yes, the lighting on the ramp for this black series, was a bit miserable.
His wrap up was with the maximum drama that he could put in. Every girl wants a 'knight in shining armor', right? So, he chose to make the lives of the guys easy with this almost armor-like outfit. Silver studded detailing in a structured collar, power shoulders again studded with silver, black tee, silver pants, black cape - this is total drama!!!
Finally, who would be his show stopper? Obviously, the hero of the movie Thani Oruvan - Jayam Ravi. Dressed in a White shirt with standing collar and black collar stand, blazer with jacquard texture detailing on the lapel, he was dapper as usual!!!
I've always loved Chaitanya. His all-over mirror embroidered tee and bright summery lungi-s he designed for Vikram, and the super long saree that he draped Simran in, in Kannathil Muthamittal, are things of beauty that are joy forever. Chaitanya is one happy man to see the gap between film fashion and ramp fashion finally converging!!!

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Guest Post - Make your home cozy this winter!

Winter is not just the time to search for blankets, warm clothes in storage boxes and almirahs; it is also the season to bring in warmth and beauty into your home. A person’s living room speaks loud of the overall personality of his or her home. One can opt for a trendy, funky summer look during the hotter months, however as winters arrive, home décor enthusiasts prefer to build a create winter wonderland. Here are some tips to do it. 
a) To start with change the decorations! You can create elegant looking living rooms just by changing wall shelves, coffee tables, paintings etc. A creative winter scene poster above the fireplace adds a lot of grace to the walls. In the simpler vein, you can change the room décor to a great extent by simply changing the curtains. Whether you prefer something vintage, ethnic, romantic or modern, you can choose from arrays of curtain designs on online home décor websites
b) Let there be plenty of texture: Ranging from soft cushions, throws, area rugs to large teddy bears and soft toys, you can lend natural cozy winter feel to the room with soft fabrics. 
c) You can choose handmade woolen table placements or table linen to enhance the beauty of your dinning or coffee table. 
d) Gather sofas, traditional arm chairs around the fireplace and add area rugs under these to give a cozy look to your living room. 
Buyers can purchase beautiful wall art pieces, designer curtains, carpets online on fair prices at the time when home sales are running on the online home décor stores.

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Friday, September 18, 2015

Tata Nano Looks - LBD & Jeans with boots

If you've been checking out my other blog, you might know I visited Ahmedabad for Tata Nano factory visit with a party before it. So here are my outfits!  Day 1, evening was a party and I opted for my LBD with statement jewelry! My face was with bright lips and soft eyes. 

LBD: Bhushavali
Shoes: Thrifted from a Flea Market in Chennai 
Necklace: Handmade by artisans of Himachal Pradesh

Friday, September 11, 2015

Wall Art - Fleur de Lis & Wavy hair Girl

A few posts earlier in some of my OOTDs (here, here & here) the wall behind me had some interesting wall arts. I told you then, that I will do a dedicated post on them! Here it is.
Well, a few months back, my dad suddenly decided that he's gonna paint the house, or atleast a few rooms himself coz he wanted a new hobby!!! I felt, he's behaving like the heroes of Hollywood movies where they have hobbies like carpentry, welding things, tree house building, white washing etc!!! Sounded incredible indeed. So yeah, a few of his weekends were spent this ways...
After he finished off the living room with 2 coats of white, before he could decide on the color, in one of the weekdays, I stood in the centre of the room and felt it was one big canvas and I had to do something on it. A wall art???
2 options were in my mind - one going neutral with browns & beiges, another going colorful with bright multicolor. After breaking my head for something I headed to option 2. 
Fleur de Lis has always been my favourite icon, so I opted for it on one wall. With 4 bright colors of emulsion paint and after cutting up an OHP sheet to the pattern, I did this wall!
On the next wall, I wanted something else. A woman with flying hair was what came on my next wall. I call her a Medusa!!! Yeah, you're right. Medusa is freaky with snakes as hair. But doesn't every evil woman have an innocent and a seductress version of herself?! So this is her innocent version... 

Her hair is wavy and flying and is filled with all things nice - flowers, bows, butterflies, swallow birds, music notes, hearts, hibiscus, stars, and some dots & circles!!! 
When 2 walls are so heavy and filled, I opted for something much much simpler in the other 2 walls. On a wall behind furnitures, at the joints, I opted for smaller, golden Fleur de Lis.
Yet another wall, which has a window, I opted for the same multicolors, in just thin stripes along the window pane line. 
That's with the living room... How is it??? Coming back soon with the other rooms!!!

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