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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

WEDDING DIARIES - Wedding Ceremony Attire - Hairstyle

Everytime I post a 'Being Bride's maid' look, there would be someone who comments asking about my Bride look or wishing me luck to get married soon!!! 
So......... Yeah........... I got married!!!! Quite some posts before I told you that I got married... So finally here's gonna be my series on my Bridal attires. This would be in 3 sections - the wedding ceremony, the reception, and the 3rd surprise part (No, that's not Mehendi or Sangeet)! 
Beginning with my hairstyle for the wedding ceremony. Traditionally, the hairstyle has to be a long braided look, but then I observed some troubles in it.
See, ages ago, women HAD natural, long, thick hair... But now, with the terrible pollution and stress, hair is thin and we don't have time to maintain long hair, so its short! So invariably, brides have a hair extension and sport a long thick braided look. 
First of all, we're not used to having a heavy hair. Sitting in the altar, and actually getting married is stressful enough and worrying about the heavy hair that's pulling the head backwards and creating headache is definitely unnecessary, imho!!!
Its not just that. There's a funny part too. Blessing in disguise, quite a lot of my friends got married before me and I learnt a lot about what not to do!!! Most Indian Hindu weddings have a tradition for bride and groom to exchange floral garlands several times throughout the wedding ceremony. Not just 1 garland - atleast 3. 
The funny part is, while exchanging garlands there would 2-3 women behind the bride who pull up the hair braid, to help in getting the garland settled properly. And in the process, the braid would get pulled and thereby pulling the bride's head backwards making it painful. Know what, for me, that 2-3 women pulling the hairbraid out through the garlands, kinda looks like an elephant raising its trumpet. Lolz!! Worst case scenario, while pulling that long braid made of hair extension would get detached, on the altar in the middle of the ceremony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Witnessing all this, I had decided long back that my hair had to be a bun, an updo... Though my natural hair is longish, its super fine and making a bun out of it wouldn't look solid enough. So opted to buy a hair bun. 
Found this hair bun with 7 mini sock bun curls on it with some white sparkle stones at a nearby store. Best part was it was nearest to my natural hair color. Stuffed my natural hair into the hairbun and rolled 2 strands of jasmine around (yeah, having flowers on hair is a must) and I was good to go......... How's it???
In Indian Hindu weddings, as the couple are pronounced man n wife, the guests shower them with flower petals. Its those petals that you see atop my head!!!
Coming back soon with jewelry, accessories, makeup etc..... Wait n watch...........................

Btw, wishing all of you a very happy Easter! Guess what, Romwe is again having a great offer till 22nd Apr upto 75% off. Click the above pic to check it out...

P.S: Photography by ShutterMonkeyz

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

While exploring the Unexplored - Style 26

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial. 
How's this trench coat? I got this at Romwe. Guess what's its price? Its priced at $173. But on a flash sale, it was available at just $19!!! And ofcourse I grabbed it!!!

I esp., love the asymmetrical cut and the button details. Those button detailing is also there on the sleeves!!! Also check out the contrast in the inner layer!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

While Exploring the Unexplored - Style 25

Today is my birthday!!!! :) :) :)
And as April starts, I'm officially missing winter now!!! I can't get over my beautiful jackets and pullovers inspite of being in a part of the world where there's hardly any winter!!! Recently, spotted this grey asymmetrical pullover at Romwe. The cut is similar to my Jean Paul Jeans top, that I wore here. Couldn't help but get it. The various tones and textures of grey and batwing sleeve, and high cowl neck, its perfect, isn't it??!!!
 Oh yeah!!! I chopped off my hair again.... How's this new length?!!!

Top: Romwe.com c/o Ocrun
Leggings: AND by Anita Dongre
Shoes: c/o Wholesale-orders.com

Also tried a deep purple smokey eyeshadow look to go with it. A deep pearly purple and a shimmery soft golden from my Coastal Scents 88 colors Mirage Palette. Like it?

Btw, as I came up with the black and grey look, Romwe has announced an awesome offer on this monotone look black and white shirt at just $9.99 for just today! Don't miss it!!! 

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

L'Oreal Revitalift Laser X3 Serum & Cream - A Review

Quite a lot of anti ageing products have now flooded the market now. You've already seen my review of Olay Total Effects 7 in 1 Serum. Now its time to try out L'Oreal Revitalift! The range has 3 products - Serum, Cream and Eyecream. 
I tried 2 products - the Revitalift Laser X3 Serum and the Cream. Both were packaged in deep red glass containers. Let's begin with the technical part. The products contain Pro Xylane and Adenosine. These chemicals help the skin to resurface, replump and renew! 
The Adenosine corrects pores and wrinkles. The LHA (Lipo Hydroxy Acid - its mentioned in the ingredients as Salicylic Acid), smoothes out lines and pores. Pro Xylane improves skin density and plumpness.
The Serum was in a 30 ml, tall, sleek container with a pump atop. The serum is almost the same consistency as that of Olay, but this one is a bit more translucent. It spreads really well and absorbs in an instant. One small press, pumps a little bit and that's enough for the entire face. A little bit more is needed for the neck. And as I usually say, I use liberally around my eyes, coz that's my problem area with fine lines and darkening.
The Cream was in a 50 ml, jar. Its neither too thick nor too thin in consistency. This doesn't absorb as quickly as the serum and you need more quantity for the entire face and neck. 
Well, the serum is supposed to be used in morning and evening while the cream could be used in morning or evening, as it as, or atop the serum. I've been using the products for a month now. I've been using the serum in the mornings and cream in the evenings. 
Skin feels great! The best part was the hydration. Skin did feel hydrated throughtout, even at times when I didn't use the product. Sometimes, I just wash my face and skip applying the cream evening if I'm too caught up in work. Even in those days, the skin didn't feel dry. It was like the skin's hydration itself has improved. The serum is good as a base for makeup, but the cream is heavy and it sweats. The products did smooth out the pores, but those fine lines around my eyes - slightly reduced but not gone. It did not break out my super sensitive skin and that's great. But its a definitely bit high priced at Rs.1499 and Rs.1299 respectively!!!

P.S: The product was gifted by the company for reviewing purpose, however the opinions are of my own experience and are this post does not to advertise the product. Know more about the product at http://www.lorealparis.co.in/skincare/revitalift_laser.aspx
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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Nature's Co Beauty Wish Box - A Review

I'm pretty sure you've heard of The Nature's Co. Its an Indian Skincare brand that's Herbal and Eco Friendly. But the best part is that its Vegan. I am a vegetarian and I'm always in look out for animal free products. This one is not just vegetarian, but its vegan, meaning - not only its meat-free but also diary-free. Its approved by PeTA as well!!! That's something I love about it!!! 
Well, in the last few months they've come up with a unique idea! That's called the Beauty Wish! Its something similar to Glam Box, Beauty Box 5 etc. So every month they come up with a theme and put together a range of products that's suitable to the theme, in a gift packaging. This package costs lesser than the actual MRPs of the products put together in it. That's available in 4 subscription points - for a month, for 3 months, for 6 months, and for a year starting from Rs.595/- to Rs.5950/-.
I got mine for the month of February. Yup, that's the romantic, love-is-in-the-air month!!! And I got love-is-in-heart-shaped-package!!!! Lolz!  
Yup, the Feb month's package came in a super cute heart shaped red box. The items in it were super cute too!!!
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