European Babywearing Week

This week is European Babywearing Week!!! Every year, the week beginning on the first Monday of May every year since 2017, is celebrated as European Babywearing Week! Every year they come up with a theme and a topic is assigned for every day of the week! I participated last year too and the theme was 'Joy of Babywearing' and everyday topics varied from Joy of Sleep to Joy of Travel and many more. This year, the theme is '4th Trimester and beyond'. Thanks to Covid, there are 3 sub-themes (Yippeee!!!) - Front Wrapping types, Carrying at Home and Colorful Challenge!!! 
Today is the day for Green in the Colorful Challenge and by chance, yesterday this gorgeous wrap from Girasol reached home.... So here we go.....

Dress: Thrifted from a Flea Market in Brussels
Jeggings: Primark
The wrap is handwoven and made in Guatemala. I loved the color combination. Though its all green, all the tints, tones and shades and the fine stripes in so many colors, makes it so pleasing. Its about 216gsm and is made of 100% cotton. At 216 gsm it isn't too thin but is neither too bulky - the weight is perfect to give an excellent grip while wrapping. At 70+ cm width, its wide enough to easily get a deep seat and with the texture of the fabric, it doesn't pop easily as well!

I've been recently trying my hand in shorter wraps. This one is size 4. As much as I love the fancy finishes of long wraps and mehdai-s, the shorter wraps are easier and quicker to put on and take off! Technically, this wrap isn't even broken in - I just received it yesterday! Yet, it is pretty pliable and I managed to do this Lattice finish. Ofcourse, its kinda a semi-lattice finish with a size 4, but still, for a non-broken-in wrap, I'm happy to have tie this finish!



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