More Lip Balms - Himalayas & LipIce

Yes, I am a sucker for lip balms and I've already declared my love for those!!! Here comes 2 more which are my recent favourites..

First is from one of my favourite brands  Himalaya Herbals. I've already written about their Lip Balm. Their brand new launch is Natural Moisturizing Lip Butter with Cocoa Butter and Sal Butter.
You can see the complete ingredients in the image. The best part is, it doesn't have any petroleum jelly. That petroleum jelly is what I hated in the original classic Vaseline (their Lip Therapy is better!). Its a tub package of 10 gm with white colored lip butter which is transparent on application. Its very moisturizing. I totally loved it. 

Second is the Lip Ice Balm in Strawberry. The best part - it has SPF 15! Being a traveler, I couldn't ask for more! This comes in a stick package and again white in color that's transparent in application. Its not very moisturizing and requires frequent application. It has menthol in it and that gives a chilling effect on the lips as soon as its applied. Loved it totally!!! 
It would have been perfect if the moisturizing effect of Himalayas coupled with the SPF of LipIce!!!

The product was sent by the company, however the opinions are of my own experience and are this post does not to advertise the product.
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  1. I prefer stick applicators to the tub ones,for hygiene reasons. Yet to use any of these but would love to get Lip Ice. I heard a lot about it from my friends. SPF in it makes a bonus. Is there any tinted version of it available?

    1. Yup. Lipice has tinted version and color changing ones acc. to skin pH!

    2. Wow color change acc to ph, that sounds cool :D thanks

  2. The Himalaya lip butter has a very yummyyy smell na ? :P I love it too


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