Red Peeptoes from Jabong

You know my Foot-Fetish, don't you? You've seen my collection of footwear already! You've also seen my hunt for the perfect footwear! Here comes another perfect footwear added to my collection...
Remember my 7 commandments for my shoes, here's it again!
1. Should be black, grey or dark brown.
2. Should look formal from the top.
3. Should have a medium heel.
4. Should be a wedge.
5. Should be soft on my sole
6. Should give decently good life for my ruf n tuf usage
7. Should cost no more than 900 or 1000 bucks.
Then again, other than black, there's something mesmerizing about Red Peeptoes. When I saw these shoes from Jabong-IN, there's nothing that could stop me from buying them. Its a perfect Red or rather Maroon Peeptoes. Its from a brand called Prom. Its minimalistic and elegant from the top! It has a medium heel and its a wedge! The wedge part of the shoes has a jute colored polyester woven mat look, that adds to the detailing of the shoes while not being OTT. 

It has a silver colored faux-leather that feels really soft on my sole! Its 749/- bucks, so that's perfect too! Reg, the life, yeah I do not know now, lets see, but from its appearance it looks like it will withstand ruf-n-tuf usage and come for a relatively long life! We have to wait n watch...
Jabong-IN is one of the upcoming online shopping sites in India. The site is pretty much user-friendly and its pretty easy to browse through the product range. The shoe collection is absolutely amazing, coz that was the one I kept flipping through so many times before I decided to buy this one! Payment is also easy, online payment facility is available if you prefer to pay while you place the order. Or else, there's COD! Free shipping is available on the smallest order as well!!! 
Soon after I ordered, I got a mail and an sms confirming my order. And guess what? At 11PM, same day, I got an sms saying that the product has been dispatched came with the docket number!!!
Now comes the best part - I ordered this on a Thursday afternoon and I got is delivered on................ Friday afternoon! That's the quickest in any online shopping so far - Just 24 hours!!! Mind blowing, isn't it...? This is coz they operate through their own courier service GoJavas. Many shopping sites are good but the courier agency they tie up with is horrid!!! Some courier services are so bad in my locality and my product would have arrived from the site to the courier office, and they wouldn't deliver it to me and, I'll go collect it myself, ofcourse after blasting at the courier guys! This doesn't happen when the shopping site owns the courier service as well!!! Excellent service. Hats off!!!
The packaging was in a sturdy cardboard box with Jabong-IN printed on it, with a message that it could be reused and then recycled! The shoes were wrapped in butter paper and came to be absolutely un-damaged!!!
I am more than happy. Only request to the company - Just Maintain This Service Level Throughout!!!
P.S: Btw, its exactly a year now since I made that post on my Khal's Footwear. Remember, it was perfect in 7 of the 6 points, except its life, coz I didn't know how long would it last? Now, after a year of wearing it for almost 2-3 times a week (yeah, its my fav and I end up wearing it often!!!), its still going strong. Some of the fabrics from the footrest has started to peel now and but functionally still perfect. The uppers are still strong & good on appearance too, and the wedge is still intact! So the 7th point is also perfect!!! Happy again!!!!

A voucher was gifted by the site, however the opinions are of my own experience and are this post does not to advertise the product. 
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  1. good to know that Jabong is good. Have been thinking of ordering for some time. But I'm worried about the size.

    1. Go to a Bata or Metro showroom and get your size checked. Try 2 to 3 sizes and get your best fit and 'ok' fits. You know, if its a thong or court shoes, even if best fit is not available, 'ok' fits can be worn! Then order online...

  2. i too had a great experience shopping from Jabong!! loved the shoes.. :)

    1. Good to know you too had a good experience with Jabong. Thank you!!! :)

  3. Have been seeing some ads on Jabong off late. Good to know about the quality of their service. And yes, Nice shoes :)

  4. Hi......loved your peep toes :)

    1. Thanks Ray!
      Welcome to Fashion Panache.
      Thanks for dropping by. Do drop by often! :)

  5. Bee-uuuuu-ti-ful! Love the color and the little wedge ... I'm always looking for shoes like this too, but I haven't found any yet.

    1. Thanks Anusha! Wishing you luck to spot one soon!!! :)

  6. Nice choice bhushavali, love the color of wedges :)

  7. Wow you are so lucky.the wedges look beautiful.I hope the stuff i ordered also turn up fine.

    1. Thank you Selina! I'm sure yours will turn up well too. Blog about it once you receive! :)


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