Hospital Fashion??? Oh yeah! - Part 1

Medicall Expo is a premier medical equipment fair organized by Medexpert Business Consultants Pvt. Ltd. promoted by Dr.Manivannan. This fair was held at Chennai City Centre. And what pulled me to the fair was................ a Fashion Show! Trust me, yeah. A Fashion Show was a part of this 4 day affair.
So, what the heck is the connection between Fashion & Medicine??!!! Well, the show is based on the premise that patients like kids & youngsters normally get bored of seeing the conventional white uniform of docs & nurses in hospitals. Have you felt that? Yes, I have. Whites for docs & nurses, Greens in operation theatres - that I, kind of feel, induces a fear to the patient who's already weak, esp. the Greens!!! 
Solution? Let's collaborate with National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad!!! NID, one of the oldest and a premier institute for Design in India, came up with a concept of Systems Design for this problem. With inputs from doctors and patients and field study at a couple of hospitals, NID came up with a collection that took care on comfortable silhouettes, french seam, functional pockets, adjustments for better fit, suitable fabrics, options in styles, pattern manipulation and color psychology. Garments were designed for Surgeons, Front Desk, Therapist, Anesthetist, Nurses, Attendants, Technicians and also Housekeeping and of course the Patients. So here's their collection.
The first part of the 3 part show was for Cardiology Dept! The show innovatively started with a mini act of hardly 5 secs of a scene inside Cardiology dept!!! 
A mini skit to start up with....

House Keeping!!! Smart huh?!

Patient! That's not boring. Yet easy to wear.
Remembering the green back open tie back patient uniform........


Nurses... Well fitting and smart and a cool blue.
Without the trousers, that could be a stylish formal short dress!

More Docs...

Lavenders & Beiges - More colors & styles for Patients...

That's a lot of colors than white & green!!! Yet soft & soothing!!!
The second part was for the Operation Theatre. Disinfection being the most important factor here, Bamboo fibers, which have innate disinfectant quality were used in the garments.
Doctors & Nurses in Op. Theatre...



Thats........... a patient's outfit!
Errr... This is going too pic heavy. Let me stop it here. Come back soon, for Physiotherapy Dept!

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  1. Interesting...True, the hospital scene does need some colors to cheer the mood up!

    1. So true. I was rather very glad to see this initiative! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Doc! Should be useful for you very much!!! :)

  3. High time someone did this. The patient scrubs that one wears doing procedures and surgeries are so uncomfortable..I remember spending 15 minutes complaining about it doing a surgery once in a hospital theatre

    1. Oops! That must have hurt!
      Sad to know the difficulty you faced.
      Hope more n more hospitals take this up...

  4. The nice theme "Hospital Fashion", really awesome it will create the competition between Doctors now

    1. It should Gunjan. Its pleasing and feels much better to touch or wear...

  5. Nice post, i havent seen anything like this before!!


    1. Thanks Jasmine. Its the unique concept that made visit the show!!!

  6. Thank u fashion Panache.....

    1. Welcome Hiten. You guys did a fabulous job!!! Hats off to you guys!!!


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