Hospital Fashion??? Oh yeah! - Part 2

Here continues the Hospital Fashion from my last post. As I promised, here comes the Physiotherapy Dept! It involved a lot of knitted fabric usage esp. as shoulder pads, so the patient can move arms in training as per need! Also it involved some elastic banded wrists & ankles to help the patients efficiently. So, here's the collection...
Front Desk / Reception...

Kids... Pinks with pink dots with occasional blue dots for girls.
Blues with blue dots with occasional pink dots for boys!

Lovely Lavenders & Natural Greens, splattered with stripes!

That's a very different color scheme for a hospital than what we've got used to!
Yet not too disturbing and its all soft and pastel and soothing on the eyes!!!
Here's the team in all cheers after the show! Right at the centre (suited up with red tie) is Dr.Manivannan, the brain child of the whole Medicall Fair! I'm so damn happy on the whole initiative. Atleast the patients won't be petrified looking at the Doc's Greens!!! 
Coming back soon with the post on what I wore to the event! 

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  1. wow interesting,, looks like a lot of fun :)

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    1. Thanks SJ! :)
      And thanks for the info on your giveaway...
      Coming right over to your blog.

  2. definitely fashionable wear..something one can feel lively in being in a hospital environment!!

    1. So true. Hospital environment is already depressing. It would be definitely better to have some colors in there...


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