The Hindu Bridal Mantra 2012 - Part 2

Continuing more with Bridal Mantra of The Hindu at Hyatt Regency, Chennai. The apparel section was mind blowing with Lehengas, Gaghras, Bridal blouses, Gowns et all! Here are a few that I loved a lot. 
First was ofcourse of the Guru and Mother Goddess of Indian Fashion Ritu Kumar! One of her fabulous lehengas...
...and her stall.

Next was a stall of Virtues Design Studio
NF Studio's stall was fabulous as well. Their collection of designer bridal blouses were so fabulous with silk, satin, velvette, gold work etc! Loved it all!!!
Wedding organizers Beep were just too good! As they claim, you get the bride n groom, rest all they take care!!!  That rest includes invites, venue, catering, wedding day theme, decor, sangeet etc, hospitality, trousseau, mehendi, designer, sound & light, photo, fireworks, rituals, gifts, anddddd..... honeymoon as well!!!
Adaa footwear and clutches and bags were not just good but also affordable. Decent bridal wedges or heels were priced at about just 2K!!!
When I saw the floral decor of Mark 1, I thought the anthuriums in the decor was made of plastic, but no it was real!!! Not just flower decorations they are also into laser shows, catering, bridal makeup, hotel booking, travel arrangement, themes etc!
Sanskrriti Gifts was another stall that stopped me with its cute stuff! The stall itself was a homely one. They are into wedding trousseau packing, aarthi plates, return gifts etc.
A stall of Ramoji Film city was present promoting them as the venue to conduct weddings! Naturals Salon and La Belle slimming clinic also had stalls.
Btw, the location Hyatt Regency was so kewl. The interiors had these fabulous installations by various artists, all inspired by honey and honeybees. This installation is by artist Gopinath interpreting the spiralling pathway taken by honeybees when the fly flower to flower depicted with color, shapes & structures.
This was the centrally placed installation display in 1st floor.  Has a dragon sitting on a tree, I guess. Liked!!! Super Liked!!!!! This is by artist S. Nanda Gopal and made of copper, brass and steel plates. He is the son of famous artist K.C.S.Panicker, who is the founder of Cholamandal Artists Village
Studio Virtues is located at Ahmedabad and can be contacted at
NF Studio is located at Chennai and can be contacted at  
Beep Wedding Organizers are located in Chennai and Bangalore and can be contacted at
Adaa Footwear is located in Mumbai and can be contacted at and +91 93232 41504. 
Mark 1 Decor is located in Chennai and can be contacted at
Sanskrriti Gifting Ideas is located in Chennai and contacted at
Photographs were taken by me with permission from the respective stalls.

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  1. Replies
    1. So true! The wedding business has grown leaps & bounds!!!

  2. love the shiny color!
    Is this a bridal indian gown?


    1. It is, kind of! :)
      Its a 3 piece garment - a top, a skirt and a veil called Odhni!
      Its very heavy with several gold, stone and embroidery embellishments..
      Its called a lehenga or gaghra choli and is usually measured in kgs, as in how heavy is the garment!
      But this is majorly a North Indian outfit.
      South Indian wear a heavy saree, a draped 6 yard garment!!!

  3. This post should be favorited...for future use...ahem..ahem....Nice one - as always Bhusha...:-)

    1. Yes yes! Come Ganesh! On 'Pen Paarthu'-fication first tell the girl that you'll get her these heavy Gold jewels & Ritu Kumar Lehenga... :P

  4. Hey dear,
    I have got an award at here :

    1. Wow! Thanks Niesha. Glad you found my blog good enuf it pass it on... :)
      Coming right over... :)

  5. lovely post on gorgeous stuff....makes me wanna get married again :)

    thanks for following...following u bak

    1. Ahaa! Why not celebrate your nearest anniversary in a grand way!!! :) :) :)
      Thanks for the follow Abhi! :)

  6. great info post..badly wanted to see the event..but I was so tired by the time I got home that day that I didnt feel like going back into the city

    1. Oh! I didn't go to the Hilton hotel's fashion show...
      Fareeda, Bhavani and the kids went there.
      But here at Hyatt, it was really good.
      Don't worry, its an annual event. Check it out next year...

  7. hey the beep website has no reference to wedding planning..just checked

    1. Just below the 'About Us' section is 'Current + Latest News' where they have written about a wedding & sangeet that they've organized in Chennai. But true, they should write a lot more about this wedding stuff in their website...

  8. thanks for stopping by my blog!
    love to see this traditional clothing
    the colors and patterns are just amazing

  9. its a big wow ! so interest about Indian Fashion , they have have a cool pattern thingy .

    and NF Studio's look stunning :)~

    1. Thanks Poty!
      So glad to hear your interest in Indian Fashion!
      Keep visiting dear!


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