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Long back when I was flipping through a magazine I saw a photograph, a portrait of a lady that shook me! 'Shook me' or 'horrified' would be the simplest way to describe my feeling and actually the words wouldn't justify the way I actually felt! I'm pretty sure, you wouldn't be able to put down how you feel, in words! At the first glance, its a normal pic. Then you suddenly begin to wonder, where's her right eye??? Here's that pic...
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You know how she got this face??? ACID ATTACK!!! She is Irum Saeed. She is 30. 12 years ago, at a very dreamy age of 18, she was proposed by a boy whom she rejected. The boy threw acid on her face in the middle of the road. Till date she has undergone 25 surgeries to recover from her scars!!! This happened in Pakistan.
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She was not the only victim. There have been several like her. After seeing this horrendous-ness, the lovely lady Musarrat Misbah set up an non-profit NGO called Depilex Smile Again
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She is a beautician, philanthropist and entrepreneur in Pakistan. She thought, why not give the victims, training in beauty business??? That's what happened. These women were given training in makeup and hair styling. First she brings in surgeons from UK, USA and Europe for reconstructive surgeries. At times, victims are also transported to Italy for medication & surgery. Also psychiatric treatment is given. Then, they are given training esp. in Beauty Industry and also other industries where they feel safe and comfortable. Employment & financial assistance is also taken care of, so they can lead an stable, independent life. Later on sometimes, some of them are also married off and lead a happy life!!!  
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Well, very recently India was shaken by 2 acid attacks that happened back to back. Its been quite a few years since I read about acid throwing here. But then, a couple of months back, 2 incidents happened back to back, on Vinothini and Vidya (pictures below prior to attack), closer home. They both succumbed to acid attack, by the men that they rejected! Following this the Tamil Nadu govt. has come up with stringent rules regarding the sale of acids. 
There have been quite a few incidents that happened earlier where the victims survived the marring incident here too. 
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Well, wishing we take this concept of Depilex and utilize it here! India is a forerunner in medicine with people from all over the world coming here for treatments! We have great doctors and surgeons here with world class equipment. Would be great if huge multi facility hospitals here join hands with Makeup academies, DTP training centres, Call centres, Software developers, etc - so the surviving victims lead a dignified life, with a better face to put up with the help of hospitals and have an economical independence too with the help of job training!!!
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  1. Its so disgusting...I have no words to say.. all I can say that this NGO is doing such a great work for them. Because after such kind of incidence the only thing they want is their self respect and identity.

  2. How horrible people are to each other...what a shame. These women are beautiful still...they have not let this defeat them and have overcome so much, they are wonderful!! I hope they give inspiration and light to others that have gone through this, so they may continue to live a beautiful life that they deserve. These people who do these things are vile and inhumane, I hope they are all caught and punished, if there is such a punishment worthy of doing this. Have a great weekend xx

  3. Ciao ,

    a friend of mine is helping in the ONLUS SMILE AGAIN the girls who had acid attack . That 's so hard to accept , and I pray that will happen never again . !Great blog ! people needs to know , that life is not just having a Birkin

    Jump into my blog you'll find something very indian for you .



  4. OH MY LORD. WOW. Wonderful post. Thank You for taking the time to inform us about Depilex. It really moved me.


  5. This is horrifying and inspiring at the same time. What happens to women in some countries is absolutely unimaginable. I always feel really lucky to be living in Canada. Great post!

  6. Fantastic post.m touched.

    New post up

  7. Heart-breaking.... these women have been cruelly punished for no fault of their's. Kudos to Musarrat Misbah - we need more people like her in this world.

  8. idotic people. common sense is not common to people. they are equivalent to rapists. horrible.

  9. Heart breaking really. Great job by NGO.

  10. I had read about some of these incidents and really felt for the victims...the work being done by the ngo is great and hopefully something like that will come up soon in India too.

  11. Esto es muy duro, me parte el corazon ver esto.

  12. Thank you taking time to read through and comment, everyone!


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