Fashion & Fitness - Dumbbells for Biceps

After the tremendous hit of my Fashion & Fitness - Yoga post, I thought why not make a series of it! So here comes the 2nd post in the series of Fitness and this times with dumbbells!
My love for dumbbells started in higher secondary school days, with my Physical Training classes when I spotted them at the sports room and lifted a few. I immediately felt like an addiction and asked my dad and he got me a 4kg dumbbells!!! Lifting it was an ordeal earlier... Now I bought one more of the same!!!!
That's one of my fixed weight 4kg dumbbells! Variable weight dumbbells are also available in the market nowadays. Now, moving over to the biceps exercises. Before that, lets take some precautions. First, start with low weight. 1 kg is the best for starters. And for that you need not buy one. 1lt of water weights 1kg. You could just use 2 filled 1lt water bottles. Next, you won't feel any pain or discomfort even if you do 25 lifts on day 1. But the reaction will happen that night with severe pain and possibly cramps too!!! So limit your first few days to just 10 lifts even if you feel you could do more. Slowly increase!

The first is the 'Alternated Biceps Curl'. While standing, hold both the dumbbells in both hands with palms facing each other. Lift one arm till shoulder while keeping the other in original position. After a pause, bring down the lifted arm and lift the other arm. Repeat the first arm again... Try not to jerk the chest or shoulder while lifting the dumbbells! 

Next is 'Hammer Curl'. While standing, hold both the dumbbells in both hands with palms facing each other. Fold at elbow and lift both the hands forward with palms facing each other throughout. Reach shoulder level and after a pause, bring them down, back again. Repeat...

Next is the 'Biceps Curl'. While standing, hold both the dumbbells in both hands with palms facing each other. Fold at elbow, and lift both the hands sideways, till the arms form a 'W' shape. After a pause, bring them down, back again. Repeat...

Next is the 'Seated Concentration Curl'. Sir with the feet, a foot apart. While seated, place one arm on the thigh. Place one dumbell on the ground, between the legs. With the other hand lift the dumbbell, with the elbow placed on knee. Lift the dumbbell till shoulder level and after a pause, bring it down, back again. Repeat... After 5-10 change hands....
Top: c/o Ocrun
Leggings: The Chennai Silks
Jelly bellies: Thrifted from a Street store in Bangalore
Dumbbells: Sriram Sports, Chennai

On a different note, this pic is of me holding at 12kg dumbbell, my heaviest ever, at the gym of ITC Grand Chola Hotel (read my review of the hotel; Outfit post here). Pic was by fellow blogger Kalyan!

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  3. Now waiting for the other muscle groups.....biceps (check)

  4. I love the dumb bells too doll :) Am going to use them today actually :)) I hope you are well :))) xx

  5. Thanks for the workout tips!

  6. Amazing post sweetie.
    Wishing you a Happy New Year with hope that you will have many blessings in the year to come.
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  7. Glad you guys liked the post... More on the series coming up! :)

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  9. Amazing post dear, my goal this year is to be more muscular. thanks for the lovely comment :)

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