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After Yoga Asanas and Dumbbells for biceps, here's the next in the fitness series and its quite different from the earlier 2 posts.
There are quite a lot of distractions that push us away from a workout. You know, we all want that fit & fabulous body, but are a bit too lazy too push ourselves to workout regularly. That's applicable for me too. Waking up early in the morning for a walk is such a painful thing, isn't it???!!!!!! And when we don't want to workout, we'll discover several excuses. And one such excuse for women is not having the right innerwear. 
It is so damn necessary to wear the right sports bra while working out. It has to be very supportive, should prevent bounce and should have some padding as well. There are quite a lot of brands, esp., sports brands like Nike, Reebok etc that have a very good quality of sports bras. The one above is by PrettySecrets, an multi branded online store which has some economical range too.  

Some 'must' features of a good sports bra are - broad below-bust band, wide shoulder strap, slight padding, soft material, soft edging / piping, elastic & stretchable, breathable, high back-neck or racer back, sweat absorbent or moisture wicking etc. This sports bra by PrettySecrets is for medium impact. One drawback in this piece would be that its not cotton, however it has moisture wicking property, so its actually comfortable. Also, though most products of this online shop are Made in India, this particular one is Made in China...
Another good investment is a waist belt. No, its not exactly a fitness support. And big noooo, I'm not talking about the traditional corset, that crushed the rib cage and intestine. I'm talking about the elastic, broad waist belt.  
Its not to be worn regularly. But I feel, it really helps to control that binge eating. Remember those times, when you get so so hungry or food is so so tasty and you can't stop eating and you loosen up your belt or open the trouser button, so you can stuff in more food???!!!!!!!!!! And after an hour, you feel bad for spoiling the diet and exercises you did so far to lose weight. Yeah, I know, we've all done that time and again........ I wear the waist belt exactly when I feel like that, so I don't binge eat.
This too is by PrettySecrets. It has a 2 front hooks and a full length zipper in the front so you don't need someone to help you wear it. It has 9 sturdy, but flexible bones. 
Sports bra & Waist belt: c/o

Also at the end of the day, when you want to flaunt a slim waist that you've still not achieved with workout under a fitted dress, a waist belt does magic!!!

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  1. Good recommendations. I like that the bra you recommended has multiple paddings. To avoid looking pointy, I wear regular bras inside of sports bras. I also think Champion Compression is a good sports bra. Oh, and the waist belt is a good way to look trim. Need to do that.
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  2. Even I have bought a Sports bra from and they have turned out to be pretty good. Will check them out again for new products during valentine. :)

  3. Great post inner wear its very important for the outfit.

  4. Good post..i like the sports bra.


  5. Will check out the bra...I used to wear a support belt for my back problems but doctors generally advise us not to wear it for at least an hour after eating

  6. Those are so important! I'm heavy chested, so I'm always looking for good support. Great post!

  7. Im definitely getting that waist belt!

  8. I think waist belt is a great idea, I should definitely get one.

  9. These are fantastic doll. I wear both of these when I am exercising and after!! I hope you have a great weekend xx

  10. Yeah I know exactly what u are talking about. I myself too lazy esp in the morning. I think the right inner wear can help so much. Loved ur post

    Btw do check out my new post
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  11. wow! great, you go girl! It sounds good about being comfortable when working out. I personally don't know about these things since I never work out :( So your post is a great advice to read
    - Thank you so much for your lovely words..I'm always happy to read your comments :)
    XO !

  12. Thanks for you comments girls!
    More posts on Fashion & Fitness series coming up. Stay tuned! :)


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