Makara Sankranti Outfit - Metallic Golden Tunic

Mid Jan in India is a time to celebrate cultivation and its Thanksgiving to Sun God who enabled a good vegetation! Its called by different names all over India. In Southern India its called Pongal, in Northern India its called Makara Sankranti. So, what did I wear on that day?

Leggings: Received as Gift
Stole: Thakurdas Choitram, Chennai
Pearl Necklace: c/o
Ring: Thrifted from a Street Store in Kozhikode

How's that necklace? I generally love white pearl necklaces. I already have a regular one, which is 3 layered. But this is awesome. I loved how multiple sized pearls are used in a random way that makes it a statement necklace. It kinda reminded me of the necklace worn by Beth Behrs in 2 broke girls!!! Doesn't it?

Well, in Southern India there's a concept of gifting the saree blouse's material for the guests who attend auspicious occassions. And once, a lady gifted me this golden colored blouse material. I loved it so much and I already had a golden colored blouse, so I opted to make a top out of it! I bought some patterned golden fabric to use for the back, did some hand- smocking detail and that's what I came up with. How's it?

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  1. very elegant outfit. I like the details ur kurta has ! The pearls add up to the whole look n makes its more ,magnificent !

  2. wow! you did that top yourself?! awesome girl! love that chunky necklace! xo

  3. You look pretty like how you added the pearls give the outfit a special touch,

  4. soo pretty! love your necklace <3

    x Maria
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  5. Love, love the pearls!

  6. So amazingly stunning doll, love all of it xx

  7. thanks for the comments my blog ;)

  8. those are some pearls!!!!

    i love pearls a lot!! and whenever im in hyderabad, go totally crazy buying pearl jwellery!!

  9. The top is gorgeous..i love it absolutely. N those pearls ..i wanna steal them right now.

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  10. You look gorgeous, my dear *_*

    Lots of hugs,


    Insta @ReinventYourself

  11. I anticipated the golden tones, very suitable for a celebration of a sun deity. White and gold in particular is a combination that I like, so as I can imagine I'm impressed by that beautiful necklace.

    You mentioning of the celebration reminds me on a episode from Hindu mythology that I really liked, but I cannot recall the names right now. The story was about young women who learned the secret mantra from a guru by which she could summon the sun god. Once she was tempted and used the mantra and the sun god appeared. He was not upset by her calling to him, but he did say that the mantra cannot be used in vain, and so she gave birth to a golden child. Afraid of the family's reaction and not knowing how to explain the child, she had left the child somewhere and later on someone found and adopted him.

    1. Wow!!! How come you came to know of this episode Ivana!!!
      Yes, that occurs in the Hindu epic, Mahabharata.
      The lady was Kunti who was given the blessing to have children by any 5 gods!
      She must have waited till marriage, to invoke the gods to have child.
      But out of curiosity she invoked Lord Surya (Sun God) the very next day and gave birth to a son, Karna.
      Since she was unmarried, she gave up the child by letting it afloat on a basket in river.

    2. At home I have a copy Bhagavad Gita with a commentary from a Croatian author (there is a summary of Mahabharata at the beggining so that we understand what it going on). There are actually a few Croatian translations of Mahabharata both by sholars (linguists) and by people who are interested in it from a theological aspect.

      When I was at the Univeristy, we studied it as a part of a subject called world literature but I had read it a few years before that. The Croatian language curriculum in high schools here requires students not to learn just Croatian laguage and literature but also the literature of all other countries. At the moment I'm only teaching English, but one day if I find a job teaching Croatian, I might even teach Mahabharata or more precisely Bhagavad Gita as that part is considered to be the most important one (it is one of the texts in the literature handbooks in high schools).

      I have always been interested in mythology and religion. I think it is a shame that slavic mythology is not studied more. Most people just concentrate on Greek mythology. Croatian folk stories still keep memories of many Slavic deities such as for example the main god Svevid in Croatian mythology (literally it means the one that sees everything, or the all seeing), Lada ( the godess of love and spring), Morana (the godess of death) , Perun (the god of lighting) and so on.

    3. Wow!!! Its amazing to know that there are Croatian scholars of Mahabharata! Wow!! I'm stunned!!!
      I dunno anything about Croatian gods & literature. But now I'm getting interested. Let me dig into it... :)

  12. Thanks girls! Glad you liked the look... :)


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