Baby Shower - Wearing Mom's Wedding Outfit!

Even before TLC came up with the show Something Borrowed, Something New, it had always been my wish to wear my mom's wedding saree on my wedding. However situation wasn't that I could wear it... But then, something more special happened! What's more special then associating with mom when I'm a mom-to-be!!! Yup, I chose to wear it on my Baby Shower. 

In India, Baby Shower is very different from west! Its not a party thrown by friends, but its a formal gathering organized by family! Similar to my wedding, with my minimalist ideas, this too was a simple event at home. Its called a Seemandham (Seemandha Kalyanam) or Valaikappu or Godh Bharai. So in simple words, I, mom-to-be, dress up in a saree, the floral ornamentation (poo jadai) of the single braided hair is very special (which I skipped, thanks to my pixiecut) and then dozens of glass bangles are stacked onto my hands. More about this coming up on next post.
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So yeah, I wore my mom's wedding reception saree for this! Its a 32 years old Kanjeevaram Silk Saree!!! That's one 'something borrowed'. The blouse is my own and it was purely by chance that I had a blouse (same as worn here) that has circular designs in antique golden color on maroon base that went perfectly with the circular design border in maroon base of the saree!!!! 
The anklets I'm wearing is what my granny wore on her wedding day, so, that's another 'something borrowed'. Also one of the 'Kaapu' (more about this too is coming up in the next post), was what my mom wore on her Baby Shower, when she was carrying me! I bought a Kaapu which counts for my 'something new', as well as the toe ring!!!
So here's my mom on her wedding day wearing this saree. Accompanying my mom in one of the pics is my granny (to whom that anklets belong). Too many pictures already, right? Stay tuned for Part 2 of this outfit post with certain other aspects and significance of the day!!!

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  1. Congrats!! and the saree is so pretty :) vintage!

  2. I think that this is the first time I am seeing you wearing silk. Looks good on you. I once wrote about wearing bangles during pregnancy and how it acts both as a signal for attention and how it improves the sensory perception of the baby. That aside, I am curious, how did they do the poochuutal with your pixiecut?

    1. Yeah! My mom too stopped wearing silk only after I was born, so yeah, her wedding saree was silk!!! So yeah, this is me in silk!
      I'm writing about the bangles (or rather wrote and is in scheduled post) in the next post.
      And no... No poochuttal!!!! :D

  3. Wow you're ditto copy of your mommy :D you look gorgeous Bhush :) <3

  4. Congratulations. Borrowing your Mom's saree is such a sweet gesture. I know what it feels like. I have done that a couple of times too. I love the silk and colour too :) Best wishes to you.

  5. Congrats.. You look fabulous and beaming..

  6. Look so great in your mom-to-be dress you wear. This is the first time that I have learned that in your place, in your culture a would-be mother should be well dressed to look not only beautiful but lovely and charming for her baby to be welcome and be ready for the whole family to shower a welcome party for that matter.

  7. You look very much like your mom! Congrats again!!

  8. You are looking very beautiful and wearing your mom's saree must have been so special.

  9. Was that your mother on the left at the first photo? If that`s her, you really look alike.

    Those are interesting pieces of jewelry. It`s nice to wear something that has family history.

    ❀ Grace ❀

  10. Congratulations on your coming baby! The wedding sari is an interesting idea to project the sense of family in this occasion.

  11. That's so wonderful! I've noticed that sometimes, when you don't get the thing you want (in this case, it was wearing your mum's sari for your wedding day), something even better happens in the future that you didn't expect! :) very touching post, thank you!

  12. Wow, what you wore is really beautiful. You look so pretty wearing that kind of style. I rarely see woman wearing that one and it truly fit on you. I like the design and the color as they both rhyme together. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  13. Congratulations! You look so pretty in your mom's sari and your granny's anklets are so pretty! Glad to see three generations pictures!

  14. I'm sure your mom would really be pleased with you wearing her wedding outfit. It looks great on you and congrats on the baby.

  15. Love how you have two something borrowed elements in your baby shower outfit! I hope I get to read more about the rituals and traditions involved in the celebration!


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