L'Oreal Revitalift Laser X3 Serum & Cream - A Review

Quite a lot of anti ageing products have now flooded the market now. You've already seen my review of Olay Total Effects 7 in 1 Serum. Now its time to try out L'Oreal Revitalift! The range has 3 products - Serum, Cream and Eyecream. 
I tried 2 products - the Revitalift Laser X3 Serum and the Cream. Both were packaged in deep red glass containers. Let's begin with the technical part. The products contain Pro Xylane and Adenosine. These chemicals help the skin to resurface, replump and renew! 
The Adenosine corrects pores and wrinkles. The LHA (Lipo Hydroxy Acid - its mentioned in the ingredients as Salicylic Acid), smoothes out lines and pores. Pro Xylane improves skin density and plumpness.

The Serum was in a 30 ml, tall, sleek container with a pump atop. The serum is almost the same consistency as that of Olay, but this one is a bit more translucent. It spreads really well and absorbs in an instant. One small press, pumps a little bit and that's enough for the entire face. A little bit more is needed for the neck. And as I usually say, I use liberally around my eyes, coz that's my problem area with fine lines and darkening.
The Cream was in a 50 ml, jar. Its neither too thick nor too thin in consistency. This doesn't absorb as quickly as the serum and you need more quantity for the entire face and neck. 
Well, the serum is supposed to be used in morning and evening while the cream could be used in morning or evening, as it as, or atop the serum. I've been using the products for a month now. I've been using the serum in the mornings and cream in the evenings. 
Skin feels great! The best part was the hydration. Skin did feel hydrated throughtout, even at times when I didn't use the product. Sometimes, I just wash my face and skip applying the cream evening if I'm too caught up in work. Even in those days, the skin didn't feel dry. It was like the skin's hydration itself has improved. The serum is good as a base for makeup, but the cream is heavy and it sweats. The products did smooth out the pores, but those fine lines around my eyes - slightly reduced but not gone. It did not break out my super sensitive skin and that's great. But its a definitely bit high priced at Rs.1499 and Rs.1299 respectively!!!

P.S: The product was gifted by the company for reviewing purpose, however the opinions are of my own experience and are this post does not to advertise the product. Know more about the product at http://www.lorealparis.co.in/skincare/revitalift_laser.aspx
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  1. Great Review Bhushavali. Need to get my hand on this.


  2. Super review doll, this sounds like a great product xx

  3. I think I need to try the serem
    Keep in touch

  4. They both look so light. I would love to try them. Great review!

  5. I tried them, they are very good! Great review dear!
    Oriana xx



  6. sounds nice, more like a dynamite, I will go for them after I finish using my existing products.

  7. Great review :)


  8. The price is because you are paying to katrina kaif too

  9. High priced because you are paying to katrina kaif too


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