WEDDING DIARIES - Wedding Ceremony Attire - Hairstyle

Everytime I post a 'Being Bride's maid' look, there would be someone who comments asking about my Bride look or wishing me luck to get married soon!!! 
So......... Yeah........... I got married!!!! Quite some posts before I told you that I got married... So finally here's gonna be my series on my Bridal attires. This would be in 3 sections - the wedding ceremony, the reception, and the 3rd surprise part (No, that's not Mehendi or Sangeet)! 
Beginning with my hairstyle for the wedding ceremony. Traditionally, the hairstyle has to be a long braided look, but then I observed some troubles in it.
See, ages ago, women HAD natural, long, thick hair... But now, with the terrible pollution and stress, hair is thin and we don't have time to maintain long hair, so its short! So invariably, brides have a hair extension and sport a long thick braided look. 
First of all, we're not used to having a heavy hair. Sitting in the altar, and actually getting married is stressful enough and worrying about the heavy hair that's pulling the head backwards and creating headache is definitely unnecessary, imho!!!
Its not just that. There's a funny part too. Blessing in disguise, quite a lot of my friends got married before me and I learnt a lot about what not to do!!! Most Indian Hindu weddings have a tradition for bride and groom to exchange floral garlands several times throughout the wedding ceremony. Not just 1 garland - atleast 3. 
The funny part is, while exchanging garlands there would 2-3 women behind the bride who pull up the hair braid, to help in getting the garland settled properly. And in the process, the braid would get pulled and thereby pulling the bride's head backwards making it painful. Know what, for me, that 2-3 women pulling the hairbraid out through the garlands, kinda looks like an elephant raising its trumpet. Lolz!! Worst case scenario, while pulling that long braid made of hair extension would get detached, on the altar in the middle of the ceremony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Witnessing all this, I had decided long back that my hair had to be a bun, an updo... Though my natural hair is longish, its super fine and making a bun out of it wouldn't look solid enough. So opted to buy a hair bun. 
Found this hair bun with 7 mini sock bun curls on it with some white sparkle stones at a nearby store. Best part was it was nearest to my natural hair color. Stuffed my natural hair into the hairbun and rolled 2 strands of jasmine around (yeah, having flowers on hair is a must) and I was good to go......... How's it???
In Indian Hindu weddings, as the couple are pronounced man n wife, the guests shower them with flower petals. Its those petals that you see atop my head!!!
Coming back soon with jewelry, accessories, makeup etc..... Wait n watch...........................

P.S: Photography by ShutterMonkeyz

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  1. ha!! finally - ur wedding photos :)

  2. Congratulations!!! Indeed these hair look real and I love flowers :)
    even I got one on my bun for D-day... 16 shringhar... waiting for wedding pics

  3. Congrats! Happy married life! Waiting for more of your wedding posts!!

  4. This is so very beautiful...I love the flower petals part, I've seen this in pictures before & I think it's so special, I love flowers!! You looked so stunning!! xx

  5. I love this look..cant wait for the wedding series. And is the third surprise part your honeymoon outfits?

    New Post Up

  6. congratulations on getting married!

  7. OMG Congratulaaaaaaaaaaaations!!! And best wishes for a loooooooooong and HAPPY life together! ^_^

  8. Beautiful hairdo dear! it look natural but at the same time very dressed up and stylish!

  9. Wow...I've always thought indian weddings were beautiful, but i had no idea how painful it could be too! I love the hairstyle and had no idea that it was a fake bun...was it really that easy to put on?
    Take care and best wishes!
    Merrie K. @

  10. Lovely... and congratulations, wishing you guys a wonderul, memorable and blessed life together!

  11. Thanks you so much for your wishes & blessings!!! :)
    Merrie, yup, its easy to put on and needs a couple bobby pins to keep it in place.


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