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You've already had a hint of how my jewelry is for the wedding reception from my previous posts.... Well, I wanted to look like a traditional South Indian bride. Thanks to the Jodha Akbar movie, the kundan & jadau jewelry has gotten way too famous and everyone around me was wearing that. That itself  was the primary reason why I didn't want it!!! 

Looking like typical South Indian bride could be done in 2 ways with the jewelry. One is the gold jewelry - the look I sported for the wedding ceremony. The other is Temple Jewelry. As the name goes, its the jewelry that's worn to the idol of Gods and Goddesses in temples. So the designs are traditional and has a lot of similarities with the temple art and sculpture patterns. And its this very type of jewelry that bharatanatyam (classical) dancers wear.

Temple Jewelry was traditionally made of gold with rubies and emeralds studded and with dangling pearls. Later on it became gold plated silver with red and green stones and pearls. Nowadays you get it made of cheaper metals colored gold, studded with red and green stones and fake pearls, always with those traditional designs. That's what I opted for...
Btw, notice my finger ring??? That's actually an hair accessory. Its called the Surya Prabhai. Its worn on either sides of the central forehead jewel (maang tika), along with Chandra Prabhai, denoting the sun & moon. Well, I converted into a finger ring for my wedding reception. 
All Temple Jewelry except Earrings: Shanti Dance Needs, Mylapore
Earrings: Kalyani Covering, T Nagar
Glass Bangles & Footwear: Thrifted from a Street Store in Chennai
Yup, I know, I didn't show you what footwear I wore for the wedding ceremony!!! Wedding is a very auspicious event plus mine happened at a temple. In anycase footwear is barred.... Here, for the reception, it involves standing for long hours and greetig every guest individually, so opted for a nice pair of flats in golden color, so I'd stay comfortable throughout. Ofcourse, the Mehndi you spot on the sides of my feet is the same as the Wedding Ceremony one!

P.S: Photography by ShutterMonkeyz

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  1. I really like this jewelry as well...Both choices were great, the gold one and this more traditional one...You looked so lovely!!!

  2. So beautiful, I love the colours and designs, so gorgeous!! xx

  3. The Jumka is so perfect and big :D :D i generally buy temple jewelry in silver or in gold :) lost my interest in fake ones :(

  4. Awesome....i love it.

    New Post Up

  5. Thanks a ton for your comments! :)


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