WEDDING DIARIES - Reception Attire - Complete Look

Having said that I wanted to look like a typical south Indian bride, here comes the trouble in deciding how to drape my saree. I could drape in the regular Nivi style. But there was a problem. 

The major design part was in the pallu (the end of the saree) and in the Nivi style of draping the pallu goes to the back. I had to drape in some way where the pallu comes to the front. Since I wanted to look like a South Indian bride, wearing it in the Gujarati style was out of question. 

I could drape in the Nivi style and bring the end of the pallu from and tuck it into my waist, but that wouldn't look stylish enough. After some exploration and experiments, finally I managed to create the style I wanted to wear my saree.

It was the regular Nivi style saree draping. But I left the pallu very long for more than 2m. That means I need more length of the saree, so I didn't chop the attached blouse part from the other end. After draping the saree, I took that 2m pallu across my back, tucked it into the saree in front and opened it up. Took a couple of pleats across saree length and pinned underneath the saree on front below the shoulder pin up... How's it???

Mangalagiri Cotton Saree: Handwoven by the artisans of Andhra Pradesh
Blouse: Bhushavali
As for the blouse, since the saree has a lot of golden zari work on it, I opted to wear a golden tissue blouse with embroidery on the back.
This wraps up the Reception attire. But, as I promised in the first post the WEDDING DIARIES series, there is ONE MORE SURPRISE SECTION. Stay tuned!!!

P.S: Photography by ShutterMonkeyz

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  1. You must do a tutorial on how u did this pally as we do it diffeent in north india
    And u look gorgeous
    Keep in touch

  2. You look beautiful!

  3. Congrats Bhusha :) Nice idea of draping the saree.

    Your finger ring looks stunning. where did you buy it from? I have the entire Temple jewelry set but not with the ring. :(

    1. Check out the post on the jewelry in this series Manasa.
      The ring is a little trick.... :)

  4. What a lovely bride you made! That jewelry is stunning too. Best wishes to you on the start of your new journey together.

  5. Thank you so much everyone! Your comments made my day! :)


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