L'Oreal UV Perfect Aqua Essence - A Review

You know I'm a traveler and my part of the world is perennially hot & sunny!!! So sunscreen is like an inherent part of my makeup table, vanity case, handbag, backpacks, literally everywhere. I've used several brands and always looking for new ones.... And recently L'Oreal came up with this new Sunscreen and ofcourse I had to try it. 
This one is called UV Perfect Aqua Essence. It contains Mexoryl XL, an exclusive chemical used only by L'Oreal. This absorbs both UVA & UVB. Here's a much detailed ingredients list as on the package.
It has SPF 30 and PA+++. That's a good broad spectrum sunscreen. I wouldn't say its great. UVA is great but UVB is just 30. Its ok for a not very sunny day. My regular sunscreens have a minimum of 40 SPF coz in my part of the world, the climate is hot, hotter or hottest!!! Lolz!!!!!
The texture is a white liquid-y lotion. As the name suggests, its aqua based. It absorbs on skin quickly and skin feels so soft and supple. It light weight and it doesn't leave a white cast of skin. It feels great, as a base of makeup too. It doesn't look or feel oily. I wore it for a wedding, as a base of my makeup and it didn't budge a bit till I came home, about 4 hrs later, in a sultry, sweaty evening. It doesn't breakout even on my super sensitive skin, which is awesome.
It makes skin soft & supple. However its not mattifying (Well, isn't that mutually exclusive?!). It says it gives 12 hr protection. I doubt that, coz, skin sweats (NOT excessive like clogged pores, but regular sweating happens since its not mattifying). By 12 hrs, I think along with sweat even the sunscreen would melt of. 
Since its white that gets colorless on application, there's no fear of staining on clothes. A little bit (the amount I have on my finger) is enough to cover the entire face. A bit more for neck. 
Its good for everyday use if the sun isn't way too harsh and if you're travelling in car or closed transport. It isn't if you're a traveller and if the sun is merciless and if you're a biker...
The packaging is super cute. Its a light blue plastic pack with white nozzle and white screw cap. The first few times, the contents came out as soon as the cap was opened, coz of pressure. However it stopped after twice of this happening. Its priced at Rs.475/- which is a bit pricey for 30 ml. 

P.S: The product was gifted by the company for reviewing purpose, however the opinions are of my own experience and are this post does not to advertise the product. Know more about the product at 
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  1. sounds amazing :) x


  2. loreal sunscrees are my all time fav's

  3. Thanks a ton Gowthami & Pooja! :)


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