Fiama Di Wills Bathing Bar by Wendell Rodricks - A Review

I picked up this soap by chance. I was at the Wills Lifestyle Store to buy some shirts and the bill was less by some Rs.100 from the nearest thousand. I jokingly asked the sales guy if he has anything for Rs.100, coz I was kinda sure, in a Wills Lifestyle store even ties don't start at Rs.400. Without a flinch, he said, we have skin care & deos. Oh yeah, I had forgotten that... 
I looked into the soaps section and there was this gorgeous gel bathing bar that had an autograph of Wendell Rodricks on it. A huge fan of Wendell that I am, I just couldn't stop myself for adding that too to my basket. 
Its a gorgeous translucent soap. The soft yellow color shows some beautiful golden shimmer particles in it. Guess what it reminded me of??? If you're a physics student in school, you might have probably did some salt tests. If you had had lead nitrate, then you would have mixed it with potassium iodide to get a golden yellow sparkly gel... It was called Golden Spangles test. I so fondly remembered that, the instant I opened its packaging.
The smell was citrusy of Lemon grass. Again I remembered the citrusy aroma that was in the atmosphere of Lemon Tree hotel. Well, several memories were re-kindled by this soap! Lolz!!!
It was super smooth gel and the skin felt so awesome. Made me feel like I didn't need skin lotion or even a deo. That much refreshing this was. Totally worth that 75 bucks.
Yup, there are a couple of negatives too. The size. At 125gm it was huge. I couldn't properly hold it within my palm and I hate it when the soap slips out of my hand. Second, the packaging was not very good. If someone can pay Rs.75/- for a 125gm soap, they can pretty much pay Rs.5 or Rs.10 more for a decent packaging.
Anyways, overall I love it. If they reduce the size to 100 gm and sell it at probably 60 or 65 bucks, it would be perfect...

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  1. Nice review :)

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  2. what a interesting instanance of getting soap
    it sounds good , i must try
    keep in touch

  3. Looks pretty great hun!

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  4. What pretty packaging.

  5. Thanks girls! Glad you liked the review.. :)


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