Himalaya Herbals Body Lotions - A Review

How much can I swear (in a good sense) about this cocoa body lotion of Himalaya Herbals??? Well, my first pack of 400 ml just got over!!! My? Well, not mine exactly. Read on...
Well, Himalayas has this excellent range of body lotions. More than me, my mom swears by it. She has a very dry and super sensitive skin. Even a mosquito bite shows severe reaction on her skin and guess what, this Himalaya Cocoa Butter Intensive Body Lotion for Extra Dry Skin has become her HG Body Lotion!!! Her skin has got so supple and so soft these days after using up a biiiiig pack of 400ml!!! Even the dry skin at elbows have become much better...
She is so so happy with this, that she’s recommending it to everyone she meets, above 45 - 50 yrs of age!!! At that age, when skin starts to lose its natural moisture & elasticity, this lotion definitely does wonders... 
The smell is yummy. If you’re a chocolate lover like me, you can’t resist this. The color is not white, its slightly brownish.... Though its thick in consistency, this doesn't make you feel greasy and doesn't block the pores... The main ingredients are Cocoa Butter & Wheat Germ.
The other version is Nourishing Body Lotion for Normal Skin. This one has Aloe Vera & Winter Cherry as main ingredients. As the brand claims, this is very good for Normal Skin, and may not be really enough if you have a dry skin. This is pretty much good enough for me.  This one is off white in color and its smell is fruity.
They both come with the typical green & white plastic packaging with a flip cap. And ofcourse, Himalayas always comes with the ‘Not tested on Animals’ seal which I totally love about it!

P.S: The product was gifted by the company for reviewing purpose, however the opinions are of my own experience and are this post does not to advertise the product. 
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  1. I would like to try it. Great review.

  2. They sound great!

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  3. Coco butter intense body lotion is my fav too. Its moisturize and nourish skin really well in winters

  4. really like their coco butter one
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  5. Glad you girls liked the review! Thanks for your comments! :)


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