Bride's Maid Look - Peacock Blue & Gold Saree

Recently 2 of my friends got married to each other and I decided to sport a saree for the d-day!!! My mom gifted me this saree earlier this year. I loved its color. 

Technically speaking it has multi color striped warp and all green weft. So the stripes are visible but extremely subtle. I loved the subtle look. The saree is slightly stiff and makes me look a bit heavier than I am actually!

You do know I love all things golden and shimmery and the golden print on top of it was just fine. A bit more than this would have made the saree gaudy, but this was just fine. 
The necklace is the same as the one I wore on my own Wedding Reception and the mangalsutra & blouse are the same as I wore here. I've shown this bag already here
Yeah, I know I look a bit tired. Somehow forgot to shoot before we left for the wedding, so these shots were taken at 12 midnight, after 8 hrs including 4 hrs of travel! So yeah, the tiredness shows on my face...

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  1. heee - most of my photos are also taken when I come back home tired from a function. seems like I am not the only one

  2. Such beautiful saree. Tired but beautiful! :)

  3. very elegant;)

  4. u look so good inn traditional wear, really liked your necklace
    Keep in touch

  5. u r looking so pretty. The saree and the necklace both are just awesome and suits u a lot.

  6. Thanks a lot gals for your loving compliments for this traditional look! :)


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