SRM University Fashion Show at NIFT Spectrum

Recently I went to my alma-mater, to NIFT Chennai for the annual cultural event, Spectrum 2015. One of the many events was the inter-collegiate Fashion Show contest, where the other colleges get to showcase their talent in designing and styling in front of the NIFT crowd!!! Quite a few Chennai colleges took part in this contest and in this and the next couple of posts are gonna be some of what they showcased on the ramp!!!
Who judged the show? You've gotta come back to know that, in the upcoming posts. This post has the winners in it, the SRM college. Here's what they showcased - a very hand crafted collection inspired for this valentine season!!!

Btw, I did not carry my camera for the event. I clicked all these pics with my OnePlus One phone. The 13MP camera with 13 different shooting modes, with decent image size of about 1 mb (I've compressed the images here), this rocks!!! And yeah, I've used the Night Mode for clicking these....

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