F Club & Lounge Chennai Launch

So when I was told a Fashion Lounge was opening in Chennai, I was not very keen. I thought, it must be a clothing brand trying a new approach! Then when the mail came, and I opened the attachment and saw the logo, I was totally flabbergasted. 
It was not any other fashion lounge, it was the Ftv's F Club and Lounge which was opening here in Chennai!!! Ofcourse I'd be there. 
Its inside Le Royal Meridian, one of the star hotels in Chennai. The entrance to the club on the side, away from the main entrance of the hotel. So if you're clubbing you need not bother to get into the lobby of the hotel. 
Its in 2 tiers. As soon as you enter, you're on the top tier which is more of a hanging out place with snacks and mocktails. Few sofas along the walls, a few 2, 3 & 4 seaters with tables scattered all over. Music keeps the place alive along with 8 LED TVs.
If you're in for clubbing but prefer hang out and chat with friends before getting into the head banging loud music, you'd need to hit a restaurant or cafe. Here, that's taken care of!!!
A door on the opposite site, an insulated, sound proof door, which leads to steps downstairs! Half way through the steps, the mood changes, music loud-ens, light dims, disco lights get going and there you know you're in F Club!
Bang at the centre is bar. 3 bartenders (or should I call them mixologists), get you any type cocktails your mood prefers!!! Since its a star hotel that already holds the license for 24hrs liquor supply, there's isn't a wrap up time here! That's a great good news for Chennai-ties!!!
There's seating arrangements with sofas along the walls on 2 sides and at one corner is the DJ. Just in front of it, is the, oh yeah, you guess it, Dance Floor!!! Plans are to bring in International DJs. LED screen fill up the whole of a wall. The diamond shaped F logo was in everything, right from the entrance, the door, to the dance floor, to the DJ console, to the 2000 LED disco lights that fill up the whole ceiling. 

Our hosts for the evening were Malcolm.A of F-Club & Lounge Chennai, Rajan Vohra & Sanjay Mani of Ftv India, and Vishal Gurnani of the Master license holding company. Plans are to have certain evening just for women. The space of 6500 sq.ft is also available for private parties, photo shoots or fashion shows.
By 9 PM, the official launch got over and I headed to the buffet hall. By this time, I was kinda bored at the whole effect and the lack lustre. But I was grossly wrong. As I opened the door, guess who was standing there - Director & Actor C.Sundar. 

By 10 PM, the whole event became star studded with Actors Sarath Kumar, Premji Amaren, Sangeetha, Arun Vijay, Vijay Vasanth etc., Singers Vijay Yesudas, Krish etc., Director Venkat Prabhu etc, Designer Vivek Karunakaran etc. 
By now the music was through the roof and dance had begun. By 10:30PM champagne was popped & cake was cut and Chennai got its perfect Uber Chic Party Destination & Nightlife, it deserved!!!

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