Pondicherry Fashion Week 2015 - Hari Anand

Continuing with Kingfisher Ultra Pondicherry Fashion Week with Hari Anand, from Kerala. His collection began with sarees in whites and off whites with a hint of shimmer with golden borders. It continued with some more simpler outfits like shirt dresses and jumpsuits in white.

Then the collection proceeded to a series of silk maxi dresses in jewel tones. They were layered with sheer floor length jackets. The highlight of these garments was when the model turned around. The back of the sheer jackets were bedazzling with golden & shimmery detailing with embroidery and weaves. 

Next came a series of extremely gorgeous gowns in white, machine embroidered with roses on them. There were a few outfits made of Ikat as well. Some gowns has a sheer layering on them with thread embroidery. A few also had cutworks. In simple words most of them had a 'wedding gown' effect. I'd love to wear those!!!
He had 3 show stoppers. 2 were dressed in black and one in red. The machine embroidered black cut work bustier in linen in one of the gowns was definitely show stopper worthy!!!

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  1. Beautiful dresses! I love how saris make people look so tall and elegant. The fabrics are amazing! :)

  2. This looks fabulous Bhusha.. I love that silk maxi and the stripe dress..

  3. awww lovely <3
    I wanna to see it next year too <3

  4. Thanks all so much for your time to read and leave a comment!
    Hari Anand is extremely talented indeed!!!

  5. Gorgeous dresses! xx



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