Travel Style - Black & White with Brown

You may have seen my post on my other blog, My Travelogue on my trip to London Bridge and a few lesser known places close by. Here's my OOTD for the day. 
This was before I got the black boots which I wore in the earlier post. Sadly, very sadly at that point, all I had were only 4 pair of shoes, rest are safely packed up and stored in India! How many could I carry with the weight restrictions of airlines??!!! So yeah, a brown boots with black and white outfit was weird. I kinda managed it by wearing my brown & beige jacket with it. 

I did have the Puma black sports shoes, but that wouldn't suit this outfit, would it? So, this final look was all I could manage with my limited shoes at that time. What do you say...
Dress: Coco Fashions
Leggings: AND by Anita Dongre
Jacket: Romwe
Shoes: Sammy Dress
Watch: Fastrack
Bracelet: Handmade by an artisan from Orissa
On the other hand, the 1st pic is clicked at The Church of St.Magnus, the rest all at St.Dunstan in the East, and last pic beside the Thames river close to London Bridge. Travelogues of all these places are in my other blog.
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  1. Love the whole outfit! I'm a huge fan of the color black, lol. And also, I love boots. So this is definitely awesome!!!

  2. Black and White never grows out of style. It was nice that you partnered it with a brown boots. You look great here.

  3. I like your coat. That color is so classic. The cut and design is so smart. I hope to get a coat in that color as well.

  4. Love the boots and the coat! Those would look good on me too, I guess :p Great outfit on you :)

  5. babe, those boots are killers! i love em. <3 you looked great, btw.

  6. You look so put together. I read some rules to never pair brown and black. I guess I read it wrong! You look fab! -katrina centeno

  7. You did manage it well! And yes, you carried it confidently, that I wouldn't think it was weird until you wrote it. :) Still a great fashion statement I'd say. :)

  8. It is really cool that you are so dedicated to fashion, and your boots were something I
    Could have chosen for myself! Keep posting and finding new fashion :)

  9. Loving the outfit. I have a very similar dress but have never thought to pair it with brown before. Great idea!


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