Blogger's Business Card - Top 5 pointers

As I'm writing about London Fashion Week and blogging events that's happening, its necessary to mention the necessity of business cards. And what are the essentials that go into a blogger's business card?
1. Name & type of blogger - Quite the obvious isn't it? The blogger's name. However, sometimes, some bloggers use a pen name. So the card has to inform both the names, so its easier to use in emails/invites with real name and at the same time its easier to find your blog with pen name. Type would obviously imply the genre of the blog if you're a fashion or travel or hobby or cinema or education etc etc etc.
2. Blog Name, Logo, URL - As a blogger, the blog's name is the most important thing in the card. Its always a good idea to have a logo, if not, the blog's header screenshot would do. And ofcourse the URL is necessary. Owning 2 blogs like me has its own disadvantages! How the hell do I put up 2 logos and their URLs without cramping up the space?! After moving around the logos & text a bit, I arrived at this layout? Like it? 
3. E-Mail - That's obvious as well.
4. Social Media links - Blogger's are social influencers. All bloggers are active in atleast 1 social media. So mentioning them on the card is also a good idea. My last business card had my social media details on the back of the card and sometimes I was asked whether I was in social media. So yeah, this time I put it up in the front! Ofcourse, its unnecessary to write down all social media where you're not even active. Btw, I read somewhere that social icons on visiting cards are not click-able, so write the handle name beside icon and my thought was isn't that common sense? Well, common sense isn't common. Very recently, I came across a blogger's card where there were social icons with no name beside!!! So yeah, social media icons in visiting cards are 'not' clickable!
5. QRCode - With all the long URLs, and with the smart phones in everyone's hands, its a very good idea to have a QR code. Its easier for anyone to scan the code and open the blog/vlog link instead of typing it all out on browser without spelling mistakes!!!
Optional stuff that could also get into a card:
1. An image? While a logo would suffice, a little photograph wouldn't hurt, would it? An advantage of digital printing when compared to the traditional screen printing! A nice head shot or a pic that brings out the feel of your blog would be a perfect additional touch! I chose this particular pic, coz I love the way I'm enjoying the nature and my outfit as well - travel and fashion, covered!!!
2. Phone number?  
3. Address?
4. Font - Another point to be kept in mind is the choice of Font Style, color, size... To curvy, stylish fonts at times gets too difficult to read and so is using too many fonts. One of maximum of 2 colors should be used. More than that may make your card look colorful, but might be a bit painful on the eyes to read! Business cards are small, but going too small in font size also gets a bit painful on the eyes to read.

This is my recent set of business cards that I ordered from Aura Print and I love it! Pretty thick it is at a whooping 800gsm!! The color core is the central thick portion which has 15 options. Obviously I went for 2 that suited my main graphics. I designed these cards myself, but Aura Print also provides Design services. Btw, yeah, as you can see, some of the cards are for my business - Bhushavali Eco Fashion & some for my blogs!
P.S: The product was gifted by the company for reviewing purpose, however the opinions are of my own experience and are this post does not to advertise the product. 

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  1. The cards look great, but I like your Clothing brand card more than the blogger card - maybe its looks more professional because of the color and the graphics used

  2. Useful tips. Having a photo makes lots of difference

  3. I have 3 different cards for 3 blogs! And I am considering one for my book. OMG. Better to consolidate all of them into one :)

    Destination Infinity

  4. Great tips here! I actually just ran out of cards. I will definitely use your tips on my next batch. Thank you for sharing.

  5. I think QR code definitely will be a boost in profiling the blogger since there can be many information found on the landing page once the code is scanned. The texture or material of the business card's paper should also be high quality to give a positive impression immediately.

  6. Wow this is such a good idea to promote my blog. I am new in this so I really appreciate that you share this to us. Thank you.

  7. Loved this post. I think every blogger would use these helpful tips. BTW, your card looks cool. Can I have one? :)

  8. Thanks for this post. You got me thinking about designing and printing my business card. I never really need one but I should be prepared. -katrina centeno

  9. I never thought of having a business card made before, but that's really something that could help promote your blog or your website, especially when you like attending events. I love the design and the colors! That's a pretty thick card!

  10. Came to know about business cards for bloggers for 1st time. Thanks for the information.

  11. Thanks for sharing this infor, I am about to print my new namecard. I will take note of that.

  12. Your cards are actually very nice. Even with two logos in one card, it didn't look cluttered! Did you have the printing company re-lay out it, or you did everything on your own?

  13. I also use a blogger business card. I made it simple with just the name, the domain, email, contact number and social media accounts plus my logo.

  14. Your cards look very good, very chic -- perfect for the classy fashion blogger. I have never even thought of making a calling card as a blogger.

  15. Love that bright and beautiful photo of yours on the card. I feel your card should give a feel of your business.

  16. The design of your card looks great indeed and so professional as well.I am also on my way to design my own,so I just got an idea from you.Thanks for sharing.


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