Casual Date Look - Floral Maxi Dress

You've seen this Floral Maxi Dress already here. However just now after spring has begun and there's floral blooms everywhere and esp when I was visiting Kew Gardens, London's largest conservatory, I had to wear this than anything else and take pics with the flowers everywhere!!!!

Check out more about Kew Gardens in My Travelogue blog. Esp, the multi colored tulips where such a visual treat and I did click too many pics!!! And here are some of the best pics!

Dress: Romwe
Shoes: New Chic
Sunglasses: received as Gift

That's my Floral Dress OOTD surrounded by Flowers!!! Lolz!! Ever did a OOTD shoot where your outfit matches the surroundings???  Let me know, I'd love to check out your blog! I remember seeing an OOTD shoot with Piet Mondrian squares printed dress against a wall with same color combo doodles!!!!

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  1. Lovely dress, wonderful photos!

  2. thats such a pretty dress
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  3. It is not always easy to pull off a floral dress but I have to say that the one you have on is beautiful. Looking at the whole collection below, I tip my hat off to the designer.

  4. You look great with the floral maxi dress. It also looks so comfortable and a perfect outfit for the warm weather.

  5. The floral dress are a closet favorite this year, as they put ultra-feminine and can be worn in many seasons.

  6. I love floral print designs too it's just that it seems floral prints don't like me. lol But really, I really find floral prints particularly maxi dresses awesome! In fact, if I am just good at wearing it, I will definitely be wearing such. Oh, by the way, I like your floral maxi dress. It's simple yet beautiful.

  7. Maxi dresses are perfect for casual dates during the warmer days of the year! Awesome choice, I love the splash of color and the floral design.

  8. This is a lovely and wonderful dress. Kindly visit

  9. I love maxi dresses and that one you wore is absolutely beautiful. Those that you shared as well looks really great and I really love the one that is 3rd from the right.

  10. I love how your outfit matches the gardens, they look so well together! btw, those tulips are all so beautiful!

  11. love the floral prints and how the colours are vivid! definitely a sping/summer attire


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