Casual Date Look - Batwing Sleeve Tee

At one point, I bought 3 trousers in all 3 basic colors, - blue denim, black and khaki together. All 3 had something interesting about them. You've seen my blue jean with lace up fly in earlier post? One was that. Here's one more - a black jean, more like a jeggings, without fly, with golden buttons instead as decor!!! 
When I ordered it, I thought this too would be a denim material, as the site said, but sadly this isn't. But its a very sturdy and elastic, skinny trouser. More like jeggings!

This tee too I bought it along with the tee in last post. I had a very similar tee that I wore to Kollimalai, and now it has given up its ghost. Recently at a thrift shop when I saw another tee almost same cut, bat sleeve and same color, I had to get it!
Tee: Thrifted from a Flea Market in Chennai 
Shoes: Thrifted from a Flea Market in Chennai 

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  1. Lovely top. You look beautiful in this outfit!

    xo Azu

  2. The colour of your top is very different and fresh. Will definitely stand out in crowd. I just love your earrings. I am surprised you are carrying them so well with a western outfit... they are perfect to go with a sari or something.

  3. I never knew that this blouse style was called the batwing. Interesting name. The color green is a favorite of mine because it is very relaxing to the eyes.

  4. Black trouser really firts for any color as color combination for OOTD. Moreover, you've done it beautifully and with flair.

  5. Batwing sleeves are so fashionable and trendy nowadays. I love the look of those earrings. Aren't they heavy though?

  6. I had no idea that it's called batwing! I really like tees like this during the warmer days of the summer because it's so light and comfy!

  7. Loving the colors and balance of the loose top and the flattering jeans! Gorgeous as always :)

  8. I like the shade of green of your tee. It's very pleasing to the eyes. You also look great here.

  9. lovely top! i love the shade of green. it looks good on you!

  10. Same as me! I love buying different colour clothes with the same design especially when they are comfortable and fit me nicely!

  11. This is the first time I will such a name. However, the top and outfit look perfectly. Thanks for sharing

  12. very simple, casual and comfy blouse. not my type of top but it will work for some women for sure

  13. Cool top! I can't really do batwings. It makes me look frumpy.
    But I totally love jeggings. I always have a problem exposing my legs because I have lots of scars, but jeggings became my saviour. :)

    Love those emerald earrings. Nice choice to glam up!

    - Priscilla.

  14. Lovely green color of the top! I loved those earrings too. Will check that site for some deals.

  15. That's very comfy and casual plus effortless. I think I have a batwing blouse too, going to wear it too.


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