My HG Moisturizing Lotion (DIY)

After using several, several skin creams and finally I've found my Holy grail moisturizing lotion. Some lotions were super awesome, but pretty costly. Many others were not so awesome and broke out my super sensitive skin. And here, now that I've relocated, in London, the temperature varies from 15 deg to 5 deg C. So I'm using moisturizing lotion soooo much. So here it is, by the brand........... errrr....... Read on to find out...
First - When it comes to skin & hair care, there's nothing as good as coconut oil for Indian skin. Its a fact. We Indians have been using coconut oil, not only for skin & hair, but also for cooking since time immemorial. And ofcourse its cheap, coz the world's maximum producer of coconut is Kerala in India. So yeah, I could use coconut oil. But I found it a bit too thin and though I love its smell on my hair & fried chips, how much I love it on my skin is questionable.... And a fact is, here, in London, coconut oil has frozen completely!!!
Next - Olive oil is cheap in Europe where it is produced. So its a staple in Europe for food and also skin & hair care. The love for olive oil caught up in India too and at one point of time, I used olive oil excessively on my hair. I personally hated the smell of olive oil getting cooked! Though it's a great oil for skin & hair as it nourishes extremely well, its too costly, coz its only imported. And ofcourse its too thick and has to be washed off, else its gonna clog pores and look horrible.
Next - Almond oil is somewhere between these 2. It is not as cheap as coconut oil, but not as costly as olive oil. It is manufactured in India in the Himalayan regions alone. Also its not too thick as olive oil and not too thin as coconut oil. The smell is kinda negligible! Its rich in Vit E. And the ability of almond oil on soothing the skin, esp the under eye dark circles is well known. 
Finally, with 3 fantastic oils in my hand, what did I choose? Well, I mixed the 3.... Yeah, you read that right. I took 100ml of coconut oil & almond oil each and about 50ml of olive oil (coz its thick) and mixed it all together. I did not whip it, just took a clean spoon and kept mixing it for a minute and filled them up in the same bottles.
Instead of regular coconut oil, I opted for the jasmine flavored one for its aroma by the brand Parachute. This has about 80% mineral oil and 20% coconut oil. The Almond Oil is from Khadi Gramodyog Bhavan manufactured in the villages of India. The Olive Oil is from the brand Soulflower.
The consistency is perfect, not too thick, not too thin. The color is pale yellow caused by the dilution of olive oil. All I needed was 3 drops in Chennai and now 4 drops here in London for face & neck. Best part it, it doesn't feel clogged or look oily. Skin feels nourished and supple. Its light on skin and I can apply makeup on top of it. I've been using this for almost a year now and its just PERFECT!!!! I've found my holy grail moisturizing lotion..................

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  1. When I was working in Dubai City, I usually done this mixing of Virgin Olive oil and Sunflower oil for my skin before going to bed at night. Yes, it's very cheap compared here in the Philippines. Coconut oil must be mixed with lemon grass to eradicate the smell. CocoZen seaweed Oil is great too!

  2. I am not sure if I want the feeling of these oils on my skin. I will try them out one day when we get some samples of these oils in the house.

  3. Oils! They are essential if you are very religious about your skin. :) Good thing you found the right one :)

  4. I am a sucker for oils! Thank you for sharing this one! I will definitely try it!

  5. Wow! It's great that you found such a perfect product for everyday use. I'm also a fan of jasmine scent so this may be ideal for me.

  6. It looks like you found the perfect moisturizing lotion. It also comes in great scent.

  7. I heard a lot of good things about coconut oil. In fact, I kept a bottle in my bathroom. I smell like coconut macaroons when I use it. hahaha I use it sparingly though since I do not use that much moisturizing. -katrina centeno

  8. Moisturizing your skin is important especially when the season calls for it. During the summer, I normally use moisturizers that feel light on the skin, it would be nice to try an oil-based one!

  9. So natural and so nourishing! Of late, I have also become a fan of olive oil - use it for cooking, use it for beauty as well. Coconut Oil will always be the most favorite for hair of course.

  10. I love Olive oil but it's too costly here in PHL. I'm just lucky to have sister in Dubai who always sends me a bottle of Olive oil for my skin regimen.-KarenT

  11. Now this is definitely a great alternative for lotions that have high ingredients of chemicals. I love olive oil too. It really offers sorts of benefits and one proof is this post of yours!

  12. I love freshly made coco oil. Smells an old person but hell the benefits you can get for your skin and health


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