DIY Halloween Lantern

The first ever festival that was celebrated as soon as I reached England last year, was Halloween. So giving in to the freakish feel all around me, I decided to do something for Halloween. No, I did not dress up, though I did have an idea of what to dress up as, if I went out on Halloween night - my blonde wig and maxi dress I'd be Daenerys Targaryen!!!
Anyways, I added some Halloween decoration at my doorway, the least I could do within an hour on the evening of Halloween night! There was this bag of SuperDry that was lying around. I should say, its bright orange color inspired, did inspire me! I took out my pen and decided to draw on it.

First I thought, may be a pumpkin face. That would be too....... simple? So I decided on a witch!!! I drew it out - a witch flying on a broomstick, bats, stars, and a skull, and I cut it out. I made a big square cut out on the back side and hung it on the lamp outside my house! 

So, how's it? Yeah, forgot to click it at night with the night effect!!! Anyways, with all the bits & pieces I cut out, I made a few smileys, some lightening strikes and 2 ghosts and strung it on the other side.

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  1. waiting to see you in Daenerys like attire

  2. this is fab..I want to try to make io

  3. This is an easy to follow tutorials. The lantern looks really cool and creative.

  4. Nice idea for a lantern from a paper bag. It would be good if I am also able to find an orange colored one with heavy paper like the one you have.

  5. a great way to use up paper bags! adding a small LED light inside is another idea too!

  6. Very very novel idea!! I loved this halloween art. Will show to my creative daughter.

  7. I love Halloween! ANd I love your DIY decors!!! Wil do this next time I need more decors in my house. Now if only I can find orange paper bags. :) - Mum Tuscany

  8. I too did some recycled craft with my kids for this year Halloween and it is so fun.

  9. That is so creative and also making use of the recycle material. Good suggestion, I will try it out with my nieces.

  10. That is indeed creative, love the recycled Halloween decorations.

    xoxo - Style.. A Pastiche

  11. This is such a great idea. You can do this for just any event not just Halloween. I will try it with my creative niece when i see her next!

  12. Wow, that's a nice lantern for Halloween. I will save this post for next year, nice to know about this hack.


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