Date Style - Denim Tunic & Red Jeans

I always loved the combo of red and blue. Honestly I've come across too many people that think the combo is miserable. Ever since Uni days whenever I tried to propose the color combo, I was always turned down! But then, over time I saw the same color combo ruling the ramp and the all over the pret scene!!!!

Denim Tunic: Romwe
Red Jeggings: Primark
Pearl Necklace: Romwe
N*de Peeptoe Wedges: Lifestyle Stores

So have you worn blue and red together? If yes, let me know in the comments and I'd love to check out how you've combined the 2 colors. Or do you hate the color combo? Let me know that too!!!

I had an amazing stay at this awesome resort called Orange County Resort in Hampi very recently and all the pics in this post were clicked in the resort. Infact the first pic of this post is from the infinity pool of the resort. 
Being in Hampi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the whole resort has been built inspired by the Vijayanagara architecture and its all palatial! Apart from the Vijayanagara architecture, there's also a major Islamic influence in Hampi as it was also ruled by Bahmani Sultanate. Read more about the resort on My Travelogue!!

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  1. Nice tips on colours. Red and blue have always been a good colour combination.

  2. Red goes so well in blue. The hot red color also makes you stand out on the heritage site.

  3. Love the view of your background! The contrast of blue and red goes really well. Nice combination for your outfit. :)

  4. Red and blue is always a lovely combination! You are rocking this simple but cool outfit! Gorgeous! :D

  5. Red and blue are both strong colors so some people may feel intimidated about combining the two together. Being Superman's costume color and the color of several flags make it also hard to pull off.

  6. So chic! And you are so beautiful! Such a classy outfit, suits you well!

  7. I really love red and blue as a combination too! Not sure if it's a navy influence or Tommy Hilfiger, haha

  8. Red and blue coordinates will always look fabulous. And your outfit pops on your photographs :) i love it!

  9. I think it fit you really well! Even if it is a odd colour combination it wear in general I think this should be a huge trend in the future after I saw your outfit images

  10. Oh I am huge fan of wearing red and blue together, not many people realize its a classic combination. Love that tunic and the necklace is such a standout piece.

    xx, Kusum |

  11. I think experimenting with the denim is so in that whatever you try turns out to be nice. I love this outfit Idea and will try it out.

  12. Great idea, looks like a great combination.
    Red always confuses me.

  13. The setting of Hampi is amazing. I'd love to take a vacation trip there. Your outfit is lovely and the perfect resort wear. Red and blue combos are fairly common in the US.


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