Birthday Outfit - Peacock Earrings & Necklace

If you've been following my travel blog, you'd know that I recently ventured to Orange County Resorts in Kabini! You may also know that I was there for my birthday! So here comes in birthday outfit! 

No, not really a really a new outfit! I mean, getting older, the enthusiasm to buy new clothes on birthday isn't there so much! Anyways I bought some new jewelry though. So I kinda mixed up 2 earlier outfits with new jewelry!!!

Patiala pant is one of those super comfy piece of clothing! Esp in the sultry heat of southern India, the breezy pants are so cool! If you know a bit of tailoring, you'll understand how breezy it is when I say it has 3m of fabric in it!!! That's the private pool in my room! 

Tee: Received as a gift (same as worn here)
Patiala: Bhushavali
Jewelry: Paytm Bazaar
Its made of a hand blockprinted fabric, hand crafted by the artisans of Madhya Pradesh in India. I actually really liked the green & purple combo and paired it with a purple tee. The location is ofcourse Orange County Resorts in Kabini. They have a few umbrella for the guests for the extreme weather here of rain or shine! I found this that perfectly matched my outfit! Lolz..

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  1. Your birthday outfit so comfortable and so fit for your especially occasion. Your birthday is well enhanced when it comes to your outfit. You look good and comfortable. Happy birthday.

  2. Happy Birthday! The earrings and necklace really stand out. I love the shot at the hammock.

  3. I like that Patiala pants, it looks the same with Jagger pants with more volume. Happy Birthday to you!

  4. Loving your accessories and the place. Beautiful.

  5. what a lovely jewelries that you are wearing there. It really fits on you and you look prettier. I like the color and the design. I'm not really huge fun of jewelries, but I use to wear it just during occasions. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

  6. That photo of yours with the umbrella looks awesome! Patiala suits you the best. Also, peacock in the jewelry is always eye-catching.

  7. Happy birthday! I love the peacock jewelry and your outfit; perfect for Indian summers. Glad to know you had a terrific day!

  8. It's actually not your outfit that matches the earrings and necklace but how you carried them! You wore them with class and pride, making the accessories fit you regardless of your outfit!

  9. You look beautiful wearing the statement necklace & earrings. The outfit goes really well the jewellery



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